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  1. i just notice on a machine that malwarebytes is 10 days out of date :P , why isnt malwarebyes setup by default to update new defenitions in the background like eset nod32 :)

    eset realy made me happy when i dont need to get a hundred dialogs that says you need to update, with nod32 it goes painless in the background, even google chrome updates to latest in the background

    so my wish for santa is that malwarebytes updates in the background painlessly

  2. If you wish to use the site you mention , call it up and incur an IP block , Right click the M icon in the tray and add to ignore list -

    The only problems occur when advertising etc. is suspect - The site itself is OK -

    Please read Section G of the FAQ area -

    @ tommarnk - The program is running in the background - It is just an information item - Click OK -

    i know but its annoying to get the same message every single time i resume from sleep..

    i get like 4 dialogs when i resume from sleep after a bunch of times

  3. Hi tommarnk!!

    I'm sure noknojon will solve all this. I sent you a PM saying I was sorry about the spam thing. Please do not blame the other members for being concerned about what was happening when they clicked on your topic, and got the warning this was a malicious website. I may have over reacted , but we were all concerned. This is the first time this ever happened on any forum for me. Your image was blocked from me, so I never clicked on it. I was afraid that the image was live for others and wanted to warn them not to click on it. I have been accused of scaring our members. I'm not sorry about that. I will take the heat for that. I have said I'm sorry for saying spammer I have sent you a PM, and apologized on the forum. That's all I can do friend!! PS I also get that pop up Malwarebytes is already running. It doesn't bother me and I have never investigated it The next time it happens I will try to see what's going on. Lets just let noknojon solve this. I'm sure he will accomplish this.

    no need to worry, it can happend to anyone ;=)

  4. I've fielded several called from my customers today claiming severe PC slowness to the point of non-functionality. I've narrowed the cause of this down to MBAM (when I kill the 2 services from task manager the speed of the systems immediately return to normal) All are running legally licensed and registered copies. Networks and machines vary as do anti-virus programs on those machines. Most are WinXP SP3 but beyond that the similarity is MalwareBytes. Is anyone aware of a recent update that could hose their systems like this? I'm fearing more calls any minute now.


    did they copy from network? :)

    i have a similar problem , whole system goes slow and slugish, when copying from a server over 11n, network transfer slows down the a crawl (~700 Kb/s not ~7 MB/s i get without mbam on)

    Eset Smart Security 4.2

    MalwareBytes Anti-Malware 1.45

    Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit

    Ralink RT3090 11n

    AMD Athlon II M300 2Ghz

    AMD 785GM Chipset

    ATI Mobility Radoen HD 4200

    Samsung 3GB PC6400 DDR2

    Western Digital Scorpio Blue 320GB

  5. As an example. Lets say you downloaded a 2MB database today and tomorrow we added say 10K of additions, then you would only need to download that 10K instead of the entire 2MB+ the new 10K

    Not that I've been doing this for a long time but I was playing with computers when this came out (and glad we had it due to slow modems back in the day) and it basically describes the idea as well, just a little different issue with how our data is structured and how it needs to be managed to allow it.


    they are also great for people on 3G connections and other connections where they count mb = $

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