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  1. I just bought a one year license for my android tablet and want to know if it auto renews after a year and if so how do I turn this off.
  2. That is what happened so I have to remember to turn off fast startup every time there is an update. By the way this is day two and Malwarebytes is still in the tray.
  3. So a while back I disabled fast start up as recommended for my Norton problem, but just to check I found out it was enabled (don't know how since I never re enabled it). I went and disabled it and shut down the computer. When I restarted the computer Malwarebytes was in the system tray. Thanks for the tips and I will post again if this does not fix it.
  4. When I click start/shut down the computer automatically shuts down. I then push the start button on the computer mainframe.
  5. Disabling self protection did not work for me. Should I just post further comments in the thread Malwarebytes System Tray Icon Missing After Latest Update
  6. I will try that but as I posted in my own thread even Norton back in April would go missing from the tray. Norton seems fine now but I hope your fix works but do I really need to disable self protection as it serves some function? So I disabled self protection mode and shut down my computer and when I restarted there was no Malwarebytes again. I am running Windows 10 x64. I ran process lasso and it shows that Malwarebytes services is running.
  7. I was figuring that it was a windows issue but I just want to be sure that the programs are still running. I now have them pinned to the longer taskbar for easy access when needed.
  8. I meant to say That I will try this since the system tray icon is gone again this morning. I also want to say that I run Norton Security Suite and I figured out how to exclude all the files and folders you suggested but first I did an uninstall and reinstall of Malwarebytes like you suggested above. Thanks for the advice. By the way I had this trouble with Norton back in April2017 and was given the advice to make sure Norton was ticked to on on the taskbar settings which I did but do not know how it was ticked to off. I do see that Malwarebytes is tick on as well today.
  9. I will try that since T icon is gone again this morning. Thanks for the advice.
  10. Thanks for the help. I think I tried this once before but I can't remember so let's hope this works.
  11. I have Windows 10. I have malwarebytes premium and sometimes the icon disappears from my system tray. It does show up in task manager when this happens so I know it is running, but how do I keep it in the system tray.
  12. Usually use my computer in the evening till around 7P.M. and then shut it off until around 6 P.M. the next day so about 24 hours. On the weekends I use it more but am not sure if that makes a difference when I turn it on as I have not been looking then. Anyhow what you are saying is I need to check for updates on my own if my computer is off for too long?
  13. I am running Windows 10 home X64 and Malwarebytes 3.0 with a lifetime subscription: I have read other posts on the subject, but here is my problem. When I start my computer Malwarebytes shows in the system tray with a red mark over it. I then have to right click the icon and ask it to update. Why do I have to keep doing this when in my settings I have it set up to automatic update? I have already tried the uninstall tool which uninstalled 3.0.X then asked to reinstall 3.0.6 which I told it to do so that is now up to date.
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