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  1. Now after another reboot another windows update, and now in normal mode I get a black screen after welcome screen. Mouse is showing but no windows screen... I am currently in safe mode, with networking and was able to increase the screen display 1024 x 768 so I could read and type this message. Shutting down system from safe mode, and restarting in normal mode the system booted correctly. Strange happenings for me and this previously reliable system.
  2. Spent 2 hours 37 minutes waiting for windows update this morning. Do I need to provide this info again after this update?
  3. Can not sign into AOL - Get this address and not AOL https://my.screenname.aol.com/_cqr/login/login.psp?sitedomain=sns.mail.aol.com&seamless=novl&lang=en&locale=US&authLev=0&siteState=sid%3A4a732fef-6db5-4b84-8151-62d87fe21ea5|qp%3A|ld%3Amail.aol.com|uv%3AAOL|at%3ASNS|lc%3Aen_US|rt%3ASTD|snt%3AScreenName|&offerId=newmail-en-us-v2 FRST.txt Addition.txt Malwarebyte-scan.txt
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