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  1. I agree with you Alice and that is a good recommendation exile360. I think this definition update caught us all by surprise. I just happened to scan my work computer today and came across the 3 detections and immediately started researching because I am 99.9% sure my computer is clean so in my mind it had to be a F/P. I hope that MB keeps us in the loop a lot better the next time! I could only imagine a novice user right now seeing that and wondering what the heck is going on. swagger
  2. Personally, Opera is my browser of choice at home. Firefox's memory leak issue (at least on my desktop) has become too much for me to handle. But at work (I am in the IT field), IE rules over all. We also have firewall software called Endpoint Security. It's this program that the updates negatively interact with to cause the connection problems B) Sorry I didn't say that to begin with. swagger
  3. Now I don't necessarily agree with letting updates install automatically. I've run into too many instances (mostly at work) where Microsoft updates cause some other problem on the computer. More recently it has been Internet Explorer not being able to connect to webpages because of the KB951748 and KB956803 updates. I install updates, but I generally give a small grace period and read what I am installing and what the vulnerability is. swagger
  4. Thanks AdvancedSetup, I tried googling the command... Is there anywhere I can read more about this? As I said, I'm trying to learn more about DOS and it's commands, particularly for batch files. B) Thanks swagger (Keith)
  5. This has happened to me whenever MBAM found something and I didn't remove the "infections". Sometimes, in a case like that, I would add the "infections" to the Ignore List but MBAM does not realize that they are not infections and thinks that there should be some action taken (remove). I think if you click "Main Menu" (if my memory serves me correctly), it will allow you to get back into the scan options. swagger (Keith)
  6. Why not? As stated above, newer malware disables the Security Center notifications... It just takes a little thought and a bit of inconvenience if you let MBAM fix this warning if it wasn't caused by malware. I like it, I just wish we were better informed. But there are plenty of threads covering this issue now. swagger (Keith)
  7. I am still trying to get the hang of batch files... Could you explain what "y| cacls" does? Thanks swagger (Keith)
  8. Cor'e =), Get over yourself. You are nothing more than a misnformed flamer who doesn't have any clue on what's going on behind the scenes. I could see if you had some type of in depth knowledge on what you are talking about, but you don't. MalwareBytes has helped me for over a year at work (daily) and at home. It is an invaluable tool because it is free without any strings attached, provides updates multiple times daily and as mentioned before, does not "nag" you to purchase. For all of the reasons posted above, I purchased a license for MBAM this past Sunday. Not because I had too... Not because I had extra money... I did it because I support software makers who care and make a difference. Software makers who don't beg for money or take away key features if you don't buy their product. MB is so dedicated to malware removal that they provide the BEST (IMO) malware removal tool out there for FREE. It just works, no questions asked and VERY FEW false positives. How can you argue against that? Thanks MB for all that you do, keep up the good fight. I know I will! swagger (Keith)
  9. This school is real? Schools for malware? Wow... Nice. I may try this out.
  10. This school is real? Schools for malware? Wow... Nice. I may try this out.
  11. Tried renaming the installer exe and renaming hijackthis? Also you could try changing the extension of the exe's to .bat's or .com's
  12. Thank you for the information Ixel. I do appreciate it
  13. I am an IT technician and we have been facing viruses almost daily over the last 2 months. I have recommended Malwarebytes to all my fellow co-workers because I use it at home as well. Some articles I read suggest scanning for viruses/malware/spyware in safe mode while I was reading a post on this forum today suggesting to run MBAM in normal mode, not safe mode. Are there different rules for different scanners? What is the recommended procedure for scanning with MBAM? Thanks all Keith
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