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  1. I'm running version, component 1.0.441, update 1.0.6673 on Windows 10 build 17134.228. I, too, saw the "real-time protection disabled" flag and started looking around in the program. What defaults should I see checked in the four Advanced Anti-Exploit Settings pages? I haven't changed any, but I want to be sure they're set correctly. Thanks, Larry
  2. Thanks for that information -- I manually updated to the latest version... but shouldn't the application be downloading and installing X.X.X version updates? I was running 3.0.6, and the latest version is a 3.1.2...
  3. The issue: MB3 won't do a context menu file scan unless the user has reviewed and closed MB3 following a completed scheduled scan. It complains that it can't start a file scan while one is in progress (even though the previous scan has completed). This is a known issue; back in April, the word was that the developers were looking for a fix. Any progress?
  4. Thanks, FFX, yes, I've used the cleaner and installed the latest version. I'll let it run o'nite and see if I can open MBAM in the morning.
  5. Thanks for your response. I decided to use the cleaner and reinstall, which seems to have installed the latest version without any issues. I'm not going to wait up to see if it solves the main issue, but I'll leave the computer on overnight to see if MBAM will open in the morning. Naturally, I'm curious about the hints of an infection you mentioned -- both MBAM and Defender routinely show the computer as clear, and I don't recall cleaning off any major infections recently... what logs/entries gave you that idea, if you don't mind sharing...
  6. It would be helpful to know if this procedure worked, because my machine is exhibiting exactly the same symptoms. I opened an issue with logs/scans a while ago...
  7. Hi, all, hoping you can help. My Windows 10 pro 64-bit machine will start up normally, usually between 0600 and 0800 local time, without any problems. MBAM runs at its scheduled time of 1300 local, and usually reports no issues. All of the selected options remain active, and the scan record shows that they found no malware. Sometime between 1315 or so and 1700, I've noticed that MBAM will stop responding to attempts to open the application on the desktop, and it will also not perform any context-menu requested scans. Looking in task manager usually shows MBAMService, MBAM, MBAMTrayApp
  8. Click on settings on the left, then about tab on the top
  9. malc -- do you not have "scan from Windows context menus" turned on? you can do that from the settings page...
  10. When you close your message with "Please contact me at my E-mail address to arrange for a full refund of my license fee and I'll remove your garbage product from my machine", what else would you expect? And I don't blame them. After your abusive and practically incoherent rants, I wouldn't want you as a customer either.
  11. Started getting "upgrade" notices this afternoon. Tried clicking on the "download and install" button with no effect, at least 3 times. Went to the MBAM console, which showed the "upgrade available" nag screen. Tried upgrading from within the program without effect. Tried downloading the app from this link in the forum and attempted an overlay install. Failed mid-way claiming it could not access the policies controller dll Tried restarting Malwarebytes to disable self-protection, and got a "Cannot connect to service" error. Tried uninstalling Malwarebytes 3.0.4 and the
  12. Hmmm. Quick research shows you may have other issues (malware?) blocking your install. I will bow out and let the experts help you.
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