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  1. Thanks Kevin, Much appreciated!!
  2. Sorry, see attached Malware Scan 2 17.02.txt
  3. Sorry - forgot to add it. My only concern is whether the virus has gone. I was worried about it constantly attacking me every time I started up. You hear so much about virus's locking down pc's for ransoms or allowing remote access these days, its worrying. Fixlog.txt
  4. Hi Kevin, Have done as you requested, looks like it found a fair amount.. ESET Threats 17.02.txt AdwCleaner[C0].txt Malware Scan 17.02.txt
  5. I am experiencing a AVG flagging up every morning telling me I have a Torjan Horse Generic38.AFLR Virus. I click Protect Me every time, but it comes back if I restart the system. It is telling me the virus is in C:\Users\Quadra Optiplex 360\AppData\Local\Temp\Windows5955891407008661.dll I have run the scans, attached to this log. Can someone help me please? Many Thanks Addition.txt FRST.txt Malware Scan 16.02.txt
  6. Thanks Kevin, all seems good now! Thank you very much for your help, and much valued support.
  7. Hi Kevin, Sorry for the delay. I have been Ill. Here is the log from the last malwarebytes scan. MB Scan 16.01.17.txt
  8. Hi Kevin, I seem to have got the game working now, after re installing direct X. Is the system now clean from Malware? Thanks
  9. Hi Kevin, The system is running a little slow still, not sure if that is malware related or not. We are still experiencing an error with Direct X when trying to load the game via steam. The error appears when it tries to install direct x.

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