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  1. I thought also that it's just a matter of ID's and Keys that will be sent by email, until I saw that Malwarebytes have two other options for me to choose: 1. a Backup CD for $9.95: it "contains all the software that you purchase today. You always will have a Backup CD at hand in case it is necessary to re-download a product due to unfortunate events such as the need to reformat your hard drive or simply purchasing a new computer". 2. an Extended Download for $5.95: "If you ever buy a new computer or have to reinstall the software on a new installation, you can simply retrieve your software fro
  2. I want to buy 2 copies of the PRO version to take advantage of the "volume" discount. One copy for me and one for my dad who lives in another state. I normally access his computer remotely via VNC to maintain his computer for him. The web site allows me to specify how many copies I want. After clicking the "Complete Purchase" button, I will be given two separate links to download the two copies of the software ??? How long will the link be available ? Could someone tell me how this would work ? Thank you in advance.
  3. I've spent 10 minutes searching for the EULA from the Malwarebytes.org web site before shelling out $25 to buy a license, but I just can't find it (the EULA). Could someone post a link here ? Thanks.
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