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  1. ah Well I don't have a PS4 and haven't used the Media Center on windows in a while......so it's pretty hard to imagine those ideas in my head.....
  2. That's a lot then since there have been quite a few updates since April 2014...... Ah I see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EternalBlue NSA warned Microsoft about it and they slowly rolled out the patch for it, then the NSA decided to be dicks just to push Microsoft further and released information on how to exploit this vulnerability and then Microsoft acted fasted and even tried to patch the old windows XP systems! Is that how the story goes? So I as long as I'm not using the computer for sensitive data, minus logging in and posting on forums or other accounts that dont really hold much importance even if they got hacked, I should be good right...? Heh...😉 Yeah, windows 8/8.1 was rather stable and liked it really great, but just couldn't put up with the metro UI or and flat menus....so downgraded back to windows 7 and XP......hah.... Oh yeah the store, I like to have a clean start menu too.... Are these included in the rollup monthly patches? Because I know Microsoft puts all updates into packs now in monthly updates since May or March......of this year.... I have a windows phone and the metro UI is perfect here! But I agree it isn't suitable, for desktop use...... I think there were third-party programs that try to revert what windows 10 and 8 looks like down to 7 or even XP/VISTA era look.......though you need to pay as some of the good stuff are paid..... You did? Do you have a demo video I could see...I would like to see this supposed improved UI that just works for both touch and keyboard/mouse users that's isn't ...*ugly*.........but I guess appearance can be subjective.....
  3. Ah.... I still get the "Unable to connect the Service" error window.... Oh? How many more glaring exploits are there that aren't listed fixed? And have any of those been used to distribute malware? It's the metro inteface right on windows 10 that you dislike to the point of boycotting them? Or is it something else? ...like those supposed preinstalled spyware...? ...especially in the free version........or so I am told.... But they will patch it if it infects a sizeable amount of customers, yes...? :P I read that that NSA told Microsoft specifically to NOT to patch that hole as they needed it to spy on people and then next thing they know, some random who somehow figured out the hole decided to do some actual damage.... Besides, doesn't malwarebytes antimalware now have zero day exploit feature? Or is that only on windows 7 and newer systems?
  4. Well Microsoft did release a patch for that wannacry ransomware hole......doesn't that count? Thanks...will do... Oh so then it doesn't work then? Lovely.... MB-Clean failed with error: mb-clean-results.txt
  5. No the later versions of .NET framework indeed doesn't install on windows xp machines....so if the support tool requires 4.5 or newer I can't run it on XP then..... I have tried that and apparently it failed to repair the installations citing these log files: C:\WINDOWS\windowsupdate.log C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\FixDotNet.log C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\NetFxSetupEvents.txt C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\dd_depcheck_NETFX_EXP_35.txt C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\dd_dotnetfx35error.txt C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\dd_dotnetfx35install.txt C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\dd_dotNetFx40_Client_x86_x64_decompression_log.txt C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\dd_dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64_decompression_log.txt C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\dd_NetFxRepairTool_decompression_log.txt C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\dd_SetupUtility.txt C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\dd_vcredistMSI3D81.txt C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\dd_vcredistMSI3F2E.txt C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\dd_vcredistMSI40FE.txt C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\dd_vcredistMSI4904.txt C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\dd_vcredistUI3D81.txt C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\dd_vcredistUI3F2E.txt C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\dd_vcredistUI40FE.txt C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\dd_vcredistUI4904.txt C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\dd_wcf_CA_smci_20181105_051248_765.txt C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\dd_wcf_CA_smci_20181105_051248_984.txt C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\dd_wcf_CA_smci_20181105_052208_000.txt C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\dd_wcf_CA_smci_20181105_052208_250.txt C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\dd_wcf_CA_smci_20181105_052424_703.txt C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\dd_wcf_CA_smci_20181105_052424_968.txt C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\dd_wcf_CA_smci_20181105_085128_640.txt C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\dd_wcf_CA_smci_20181105_085128_875.txt C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\dd_BITS.log C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\dd_vcredist_amd64_20171025151327.log C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\dd_vcredist_amd64_20171025151327_000_vcRuntimeMinimum_x64.log C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\dd_vcredist_amd64_20171025151327_001_vcRuntimeAdditional_x64.log C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\dd_vcredist_x86_20171025151323.log C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\dd_vcredist_x86_20171025151323_000_vcRuntimeMinimum_x86.log C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\dd_vcredist_x86_20171025151323_001_vcRuntimeAdditional_x86.log C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Setup_20181105_164936609-MSI_netfx_Core_x64.msi.txt C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Setup_20181105_164936609-MSI_netfx_Extended_x64.msi.txt C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Setup_20181107_105058906-MSI_netfx_Core_x64.msi.txt C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86 Redistributable Setup_20181029_104622828-MSI_vc_red.msi.txt C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86 Redistributable Setup_20181029_105650343-MSI_vc_red.msi.txt C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86 Redistributable Setup_20181105_165247515-MSI_vc_red.msi.txt C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Setup_20181105_164936609.html C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Setup_20181107_105058906.html C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool Legacy_20181107_105056765.html C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool_20181107_103912609.html C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86 Redistributable Setup_20181029_104622828.html C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86 Redistributable Setup_20181029_105650343.html C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86 Redistributable Setup_20181105_165247515.html C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\KB2478063_20181105_131127250-Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile-MSP0.txt C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\KB2478063_20181105_131127250-Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Extended-MSP1.txt C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\KB2544514_20181105_132037656-Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile-MSP0.txt C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\KB2544514_20181105_132037656-Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Extended-MSP1.txt C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\KB2600211_20181105_132242468-Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile-MSP0.txt C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\KB2600211_20181105_132242468-Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Extended-MSP1.txt C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\KB2478063_20181105_131127250.html C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\KB2544514_20181105_132037656.html C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\KB2600211_20181105_132242468.html C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\KB2478063_20181105_131127250.html C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\KB2544514_20181105_132037656.html C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\KB2600211_20181105_132242468.html C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\FixDotNet_HKCR_Installer.regdump C:\DOCUME~1\Z\LOCALS~1\Temp\FixDotNet_HKLM_Installer.regdump Hmmm, apparently kaspersky things the certificate bleeping computer uses is invalid.... The MB-Check program downloads fine without issue.... Logs attached... Oh well it was working fine with the previous installments...until malwarebytes decided to ask for an update and I said yes and now it doesn't work.....the program didn't even bother to check for compatibility issues or if there would be a chance of it not working and telling me this before I update..... mb-check-results.zip
  6. oh can't edit post to fix up my grammar errors...... gg no re... Yes did you not read my post? Oh you're a bot, nevermind....
  7. Hi I cannot get malwarebytes antimalware working on windows XP 64-bit since the last 3.6 update gave me a no proc error, I downgraded 3.5 as that was the reported last supported version for XP and this is the error I get.... Support tool doesn't work because of this error: And doesn't specify which update it needs to work, I have already tried install all three: 4.0.1, 4.0.2 and 4.0.3 and none seem to fix this error.... Please help, thanks!
  8. Nice work....that shut him up good...hahahahahaha....? He's got nothing on you now! ?
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