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  1. Oh... OK, so to update you lot on what happened to my scenario, it looks like the guy decided to take his problem to the seller and they fixed it up for him instead, presumably under warranty. I was actually ready to stick in my windows 10 bootable flash drive to install windows and drivers but nope; very anticlimactic.....oh well.... Thanks for all the guidance and wasting your precious time on me I guess. ūü§ô
  2. OOooohhhh the information is stored on the Microsoft Activation Servers (MAS).....not on the computer's BIOS/EUFI (but if that's the case, how come it's not stored here too? I mean the License key at least...?) ....which means I guess it would still remember the computer being activated prior to reinstallation unless there's an expiry date in which you have to keep reactivating periodically to ensure the information stored is correct, up to date and valid for the computer! Well that would make sense then. Why didn't you guys tell me this sooner?! In that case I guess I *don't* have to tel
  3. Found the board: Looks like the prebuilt is almost 8 years old(or at leas the board is, going by the BIOS release time stamps) and originally for windows 7 or windows 8 with windows 10 drivers coming later........ It's all good. How does it activate if the key isn't installed in the BIOS or UEFI since neither the powershell command nor the cmd command works to pull the key out, and if I remember right this is where windows 10 uses to pre-activate windows on(On prebuilts like laptops and other prebuilt desktops/towers) since the keys no longer come on boxes or COA stickers that yo
  4. Hmmm, could have them ring or rock up to these guys and find out.....looks like the computer was prebuilt by these guys.... Host name and model should be enough to get them started on if they still remember building that specific system and still have records on it....
  5. ...which the powershell and command prompt line should pull out but it pulls nothing because it's not installed in the BIOS or the UEFI firmware..... Relevant quote from linked site: So what happens if you don't even have the old key? Quote above specifically states that it *will* retrieve the old key....but there is no old key....so what's going on here? Was this a windows 7/8 to windows 10 upgrade? Or the seller used one of the generic keys, which of course doesn't show via the commands since it's supposed to show the old key, which in this case, doesn't exist?
  6. Oh, so it's a home edition....hmm. Yeah I already used the powershell command and the command prompt command and both showed nothing if you also missed that part out.... And the registry method wont work as that requires you to be booted into the windows installation you're trying to grab the key off and you can't boot into safe mode either, remember....? Unless you can run vbs script from cmd window by pointing to where you saved the file instead of double clicking on it as guided by the procedure(Similar to how we ran FRST)?
  7. Even if you shifted the folders and files over to make space, the registry backup doesn't exist so you can't restore the old registry through its backup since it doesn't even exist in the first place!
  8. ok, I found the commnds to find out your license key from a computer via cmd, supposedly: CMD: systeminfo - to find what version windows 10 it is wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey Powershell: powershell ‚Äú(Get-WmiObject -query ‚Äėselect * from SoftwareLicensingService‚Äô).OA3xOriginalProductKey‚ÄĚ Bot of which came nill: ERROR: Description = Not found And the systeminfo just shows: Host Name: MININT-QRL8O33 OS Name: Microsoft OS Version: 10.0.19041 N/A Build 19041 OS Manufacturer: Microsoft Corpo
  9. I'm going to take a wild stab here and predict the cause: So the guy had his drive full with zero space to spare, when he last go to shutdown when the computer was booting up fine, windows tried to save some settings into the registry but couldn't because the drive was all full with zero bytes to spare so half arsed it and then shutted down anyways. The next time he goes and turns it back on, the F8 startup repair comes up showing him windows wont load. That is because windows failed to saved correctly and only saved partially on last shut down.
  10. Ok, went over to his house and followed the guide and failed at step 9: His OS drive is completely filled! ZERO bytes left of his 250GB SSD! Requires at least 400MB because that's how big the config folder is. And there's no registry backup on when moving onto step 10: The folder is completely empty! And then here's me trying to grab their install key: Looks like GUI programs(or at least this key finder in particular which is the latest copy) can't start from commandline like your FRST program can.... So I would need to find one that can start from a
  11. HI Kevin, Oooohhhhh I see....the F8 options I was thinking of *is* the advanced setup options that got loaded up when windows couldn't start! Been used to seeing the black and white text with white highlight on the older operating system's F8 advanced options.... Will give this a try when i come over today, thanks. I'll use Kaspersky Rescue disc OS and scan the drives too afterwards just for curiosity sake unless I'm just wasting time on that since that probably won't fix a broken registry even if it does find the culprit virus/malware in one or more files.... I'm guessing you don't
  12. HI Kevin, thanks for replying! Yeah, but I wanted to see what you make of it or whether or not you've noticed it too... Well we found out the reason why windows and even safe mode don't load, factory reset doesn't work, startup repair can't fix it and uninstalling stuff doesn't work...the registry tat is required access here is borked.... Could we find out why and or how this happened or not possible? Just so I got something to say the next time I come over tomorrow. I'm going to take a wild guesses and it could be one of these three things - virus/malware wrecked havok on the system
  13. You can't comment even as an individual rather than as an employee? Yeah well....the addons I use doesn't work on the newer firefox version since they changed the gecko engine to quantum and touted (if I remember) that the old addons will work if ported to use the quantum engine; well some did and some didn't....the ones that didnt was because they require something that is now restricted or limited in the quantum version so it's impossible to port over....and the others, well the author have abandoned them....
  14. Found time to go over his house and check this out, thanks. He seems very eager to get this fixed so he can play games again! hahahaha....We'll see.... Hm mm, yes that seems to work! Nice work! Found the srttrail file - it was in a hidden folder and just opened it with notepad and then saved the file again onto my flash drive; here's the contents: Startup Repair diagnosis and repair log --------------------------- Last successful boot time: ‚Äé1/‚Äé13/‚Äé2021 12:41:56 PM (GMT) Number of repair attempts: 46 Session details --------------------------- System Disk = \Device\Harddisk
  15. oh yeah, I forgot to mention that safemode fails to load as well, or at least the safe mode equivalent that's selected from the repair startup menu. I remember needing to mash F8 just before windows 10 is loading but after BIOS has loaded, to get into safemode without going through startup repair, or it's the same one?
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