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  1. Pretty much. Did the manual update of MWB and went from a 4-digit to a 9-digit. Is this just a random glitch? Or change in naming scheme? Thought youd like to know Screenshot! http://i303.photobucket.com/albums/nn153/mrpenguin1024/epicvdb.jpg
  2. I've asked this before, but I cannot find any of my bookmarks since last windows re-install. So, since I am not a Malware Hunter, I cannot download samples from the Research Center. Thus, I am looking for a place to download samples of malware/viruses from the interwebs....any suggestions? BTW, I use Norton Ghost to re-image 3 solid state drive, preconfigured with tools to monitor file system/registry changes, and debuggers to reverse engineer the buggers. In short, I am intermediate to advanced
  3. For what its worth, yes; those are in your "Recycle Bin" and in a state of "deleted but recoverable". Emptying your trash can should remove them from you system. I am not authorized to provide help, just offering knowledge from computer repair experience.
  4. Thanks, exile. It is just disheartening when the general population is apprehensive about my capabilities when I relate some of the things I can do. Case in point, a customer came in for a virus removal, and after educating him about some of the attack points (like Java being the current favorite) and telling him about me getting into reverse engineering viruses to see how the work and to reverse them; his only rebuttal was, "So you can make viruses too, right?" Same goes with network auditing. People seem only concerned with the negative connotations like "So you can crack a wifi?" I know it goes with the territory...but it just makes for a lonely life. I can't exactly have small talk about these kinds of things. I've longed to get in with some kind of pentesters....just by contrast, I have a lot of needed cultivation before my skills can REALLY have a profound effect. I have the passion, but lack the experience. I know it's only a matter of time... So until that time arises, thanks for the encouragement.
  5. I like following external to earth events and news....universe today is bookmarked for sure. I see this as an opportunity for the commercial sector to finally take over. SpaceX for example, founded by Elon Musk (the owner of PayPal), has been doing quite well. I don't think it will be too terribly long before there are shuttles to the moon like today how there are shuttles at the airport. -my two cents.
  6. Edit: S!ri has directed me to some tutorials pretaining to reverse engineering malwares. I have already eagerly begun assimilating the knowledge and practicing in the real world (only have accidentally infected my own computer twice). Hopefully, I will someday be as useful as him/her in their search of neutering malwares. Maybe even just as a hunter. Thanks again!
  7. No problems and thanks for the kind words. I understand that terms like "hacking" can be somewhat degradating...though I only use them in the crudest of senses to get my point across. Ironic thing about being ethical, is how it assimilates the rest of your lifestyles (and vice versa). I know I can be a major contributor, or even major opposition. That what draws me to ethical network auditing...the fact that it a choice of free will. I open CHOOSE to use my "powers" and knowledge for the betterment, not the detriment, of mankind. To ally with the dark side is to submit to the nefarious ways...something my mind will not allow me to do. I also have already made contacts with the local FBI office, and am tutoring a couple agents in the arts of scambaiting (google 419 eater for more...). I had also recently started my job at this local computer place, and have ascended in rank already against the longest running employee, of over 6 years, in a matter of 2 months. This is merely an ego bloat; but also serves a secondary function: to demonstrate my commitment. Once I have set my mind to something, my will be done. And freely, I offer my skill, knowledge, and expertise to the users, mods, and guests of the MWB forums. I can only hope to be one day have some kind of rank or confirmation of my talent... but of course, this is a time aspect. This is acceptable; as Time is on my side [would you be flabberghasted to know I am less then a quarter century old?]. I believe that knowledge should be shared equally and free... it is simply intent that will either cost you, or purify your, inner soul (for lack of accurate description). If anyone has any comments, questions, or if you're just bored even... I am only a PM away. Thanks for the words of encouragement....it's one thing to know for one's self; it's another to hear from 3rd person point of view. -= EpIx =-
  8. Already famliar with the Research Center...in fact S!ri is the one who drew me in. Already submitted a couple samples worthwhile already, trying to abide by the rules. Also already aware of my limited capabilities as far as "support" until I am able to prove my worth. No worries, I am patient and willing. Thanks for the warm welcome though
  9. Hi! I am an advanced level hardware troubleshooter, and like to design new electrical/circuit systems. I work for a local computer repair shop (larger then average chain), and have access to newly incomming malware samples. I am the trusted adviser when it comes to virus removal, as I do enjoy reversing the process of malware infections. I have no formal schooling, other then a couple Navy electronic courses, and the international web of google. I can "hack", but prefer the term "internet locksmith", as all of my talents are directed towards ethical penetration testing. I'm young in age, but ancient in wisdom. Even Meyers-Briggs pegs me as an INTJ, making my mind the perfect counterbalance for electronics. I'm not scared to learn, and not too proud to be wrong. I recently came across this forum in my Anti-Rouge AntiVirus education, and I'm here to stay. MWB has always been part of my toolkit, and I highly reccomend it at work. Enough of the ego boasting, here's the good stuff! I'm capable enough to do reflows and component level troubleshooting and repairs, savvy enough to find that which I do not know, and pure enough to align with the ethical side of electronics. My drawbacks are (perceived) arrogance, self-induced isolation, and tendencies to spread myself too thin. Currently, I have set up a lab to monitor changes made by malware, and various other win32 apps. I know a bit of linux, and looking to learn more! Would love to be a mal-hunter! Thanks -epic
  10. Already got a few links to get some samples from. I now have an app at my disposal to reverse win code to binary...but I'm somewhat lost on what actually is being shown, and have no way of telling if a malware is "packed". Any advice on that? Also looking for a good file system monitor, that can detect changes. Thanks in advance, Wanna-be-RAV-Hunter
  11. Ok. I get that it's going to take some time to get Malware Hunter status and access to samples. That's cool, I am patient. Anyway, in the meantime, I want to finish getting my virtual tank ready for malware observation. So far, I only have software to detect registry changes, not actively running commands or file system changes. I want to start catching wild samples and doing my own analysis of them, and of course submit to Research Center. I'm somewhat advanced with technology, but new at malware examination. Any tips or advice?
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