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  1. I got the same. I hope this gets fixed soon. It looks like Malwarebytes is not the only that attacking the same bin folder. Avast is attacking it too.
  2. My Malwarebytes is stuck. It doesn't update at all. It's saying that it's a new update and is trying to close. But nothing is happening. Do I need to uninstall and install the newest version?
  3. Weird. Because I didn't get anything special from that site. Where did you get the files from? I run it sandboxed without any plugins installed. Didn't get anything or find anything. Damn
  4. Can't edit my own post.. DAMN. 2012/07/03 09:21:57 +0200 XXXXXX xxxxx IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing, Port: 29709, Process: firefox.exe)
  5. The site is http://www.bravoerotica.com/. Maybe the site should be rescanned? Really confusing when it's blocked. Now I need to use hidemyass to even go there.
  6. Ive using localhostr.com to upload files. But can't go to the site nor upload files anymore. I would be really happy if this got fixed.
  7. This happens when you use VPN too. Really annoying that the trial ends when you connect with VPN. Then when you reboot you have the trial back.
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