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  1. Sorry yes, I've been away at work all day! I carry a "utilities" USB stick when visiting customers and I once did get caught - my stick got infected and I ended up infecting every PC in my house mainly because I was so big-headed I couldn't believe I had a virus! Anyway what I do now is to carry a stick with a write protect switch, and a stick which is basically an SD card in a small-ish USB adapter. SD cards have write protect switches. Also, my main PC and laptop I use for work, are both Ubuntu-based, so I'm unlikely to get infected with a USB stick at any rate! Thanks for all the support on
  2. Thanks that clears things up for me! The thing is that for most of our customers, they couldn't care less whether it's a virus, worm, trojan or malware. If it's bad and affecting their computer in any way, they want it removed. In practice, I find that malwarebytes' removal process is first class though. We've applied to be resellers of malwarebytes and will be testing installations with Avast AND malwarebytes and hopefully selling these are a hard-to-beat combination....
  3. Just wondered - we're Avast resellers and love the general all-round protection it gives us. But we use Malwarebytes free as it does seem to detect some of the stuff that Avast doesn't. My question is: If we buy the paid-for version of Malwarebytes, does that offer us all the protection of an antivirus too? Do we need both? or should we dispense with all AV programs and just use malwarebytes? I can't seem to find anywhere on your site where it describes how malwarebytes is "positioned" as it were. Thanks Anthony
  4. I'm very impressed with malwarebytes' ability to detect and clean off various malwarey things like spywareguard2009, and detect things that drweb, avast and spybot miss. I'd quite like to start selling malwarebytes full version to our customers, but I really do need to know a bit more about the company. I see there's a post saying you're from all around the world with no particular base, but you must have someone in charge, in some country somewhere! It's a legal requirement in the UK to have your address (or registered company address), VAT number and some sort of contact details on any offic
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