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  1. What doesn't make sense is that we don't even offer CheatEngine as a download at our site. That would be http://www.cheatengine.org which is NOT blocked by Malwarebytes. We are currently preparing the paperwork for legal action, naming staff user Dashke specifically for not providing us any recourse to remedy this situation as we lose customer confidence and damage to our brand, not to mention lost revenue.
  2. Our website, www.cheathappens.com is being blocked by your software for no apparent reason. We have been in business for 18 years, have over 3 MILLION subscribers and have no malicious content on our site that would necessitate a block. We have a full clean bill of health from VirusTotal: https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/81021c9e78eb908e36c4c9fb15b3e97436952011f7be82db1aaaa49670b3f796/detection Please remove this block on our website. Thanks, Chris O. Cheat Happens Attached is the log file from Malwarebytes and the specific error in the browser is: Ca
  3. A recent update to Malwarebytes has started flagging software from Cheat Happens as malicious (RISKWARE.TOOL.CK). This happened once before but you guys fixed it right away. Can you please fix it again? A couple of samples attached. CH_trainers.rar
  4. You guys are awesome. That's why we recommend your software to all our readers. Thanks very much for the quick reply.
  5. My apologies. I thought I had attached the files originally. Here they are. CH_false_positive.zip
  6. My name is Chris ORorke and I am the co-owner of CheatHappens.com. We create our own software which is provided to premium members of our website. Starting with today's database update, our software has started being labeled as RiskWare.Tool.CK by Malwarebytes. This is causing unnecessary support requests to start coming in as there is not and never has been anything malicious about the files we create. I'm attaching two current examples of the software along with the logfile. Feel free to examine it in detail for any type of malicious activity and I would kindly ask that this false detection
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