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  1. Now I'm not getting that error. When I start it up and check audio devices, the driver is there and functional. But then shortly after it goes back to "no audoio device". I'm lost at this point.
  2. Ok, so I tried to update the driver with the most recent version of the XP update, but it said that it could not verify that it was compatible with my version of XP and said it could effect the functionality of my computer as a whole (or cause it to not work at all) and suggested I stop the installation. So I did, then restarted the computer. Sound was back and I had the Soundblaster show up under Audio Devices. Then I got this system 32 error that I'v been getting for awhile now (it asks if I want to send report, etc). Once I got that error, sound is gone and back to showing no audio device. Any idea? So now I'm guessing this system 32 error is the issue.
  3. Still nothing. I don't think it's a browser issue because it's saying NO AUDIO DEVICE and I have no audio through i-Tunes or Windows Media Player either. Maybe I need to reinstall a driver or something? I have no idea. It's weird, it still makes that sound when windows starts up, so it's not my speakers.
  4. Don't think so, just the Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit. Under Sounds and Audio Devices, it says no audio device under the volume tab. Under the audio tab it says "no playback devices" and the pull down menu is grayed out. Is there something that I should change on the Sounds screen at the bottom under program events that I could change that would bring the sound back? That is pretty much the only tab section under Sounds and Audio Devices that I can actually access.
  5. Once I reboot, the sound returns initially, but then it goes away again. It says Windows Media Player cannot play because there is a problem with my sound device.
  6. And now I've got no sound from i-Tunes or Microsoft Windows Media Player either.
  7. It says it cannot import because the specified file is not a registry script. You can only import binary registry files from within the registry editor.
  8. Reinstalled Flash, still no audio. Firefox still keeps crashing on me.
  9. That is correct, I will try to reinstall Flash and let you know.
  10. And I still have no sound. I have sound through i-Tunes, just not through websites that have videos.
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