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  1. Let's say I have a computer that is badly infected, and I need to scan it from another computer. Scanning the files is not a problem, but getting into the registry is. So here's my question: If I load the registry hive from the infected computer and then run a scan on the computer I'm using, will it detect stuff in the registry hive I've loaded? Or is there another say to go about scanning the registry?
  2. Well, I tried, and it started to create the zip folder, but about halfway through it said there wasn't enough space... Even though there was plenty. Now Windows is saying the drive needs to be formatted and I can't get anything off of it.
  3. Decided to check event log after an attempted run and attached is a screenshot.
  4. No logs have been created, and if I try to launch mbam.exe I get a uac prompt, but it doesn't show up.
  5. Last known good config might be the way to go if it works. Otherwise straight up safe mode would be fine if it works. If it boots right you can look into the event logs and see what's causing the issue. Most likely it's a driver causing the crash to happen.
  6. If you press the F8 key are you able to get an option for booting into safe mode?
  7. I apologize for the crappy resolution. Didn't take time to figure the recording program out too much. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fVjjotDwCs I can essentially repeat that over and over again. I managed to update the definitions manually 4 days ago, but it won't update through the gui.
  8. There's not much to post... I select update definitions and/or start a scan and a few seconds later it says everything is done and I can eject the drive. Edit: If it helps, the last system it worked correctly on had norton on it. Not that it really matters, but just as an FYI.
  9. I updated my techbench today, and I was able to get a scan running from it on the first computer. Now everytime I try to launch a scan it immediatly says all operations are complete. It also looks like it's not wanting to update anymore. HELP! I use this a lot! -Ryan
  10. I can try digging into it. First I need to know how you went about doing the backup cause I don't see anything in the MEE Console about doing a DB backup.
  11. Why waste the space on the task bar for a button when all you have to do is move your mouse to the bottom left for a start button. And from that position if you right click you get the Windows + X functionality. Getting the windows + x functionality on a touch screen is a bit tougher, but for the most part when I'm on my Surface Pro I don't do much fiddling just work.
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