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  1. *An add'l note: the Panda am referring to is PandaCloud, anti-vi, NOT "regular" (Global?) Panda. "Cloud" protection w/b the next wave of anti-vi, imo. (And their tech support is incomparable!) Keep an eye on the rating-rankings, yearly. (The developer is determined to make PandaCloud #1 or <almost> die, trying.) Cheers, to all fellow MBAM-aficionados & happy (& safe) 'puting!
  2. No, DaleDoc1 (much better--lol), you did fine w/ your explanation--I just came back from the "BUY" page (b4 your reply) only to discover I AM a cyber-idjit! LOL (Tho' almost wanna SWEAR I tried doing the same before.) You're right, of course. MBAM is already IN one's cart upon arrrival (D'OH!) Couldn't find anywhere to use the coupon (20% off) but was so happy to actually get the transaction to go thru... I didn't care! ($5 more for protection thruout a PC's lifetime? S'all good.) For future reference to others wishing use the PayPal "Guest" option, as offered by the ebay PayPal -- was a no go. (One need open or use an existing PayPal acc't.) BUT-- it did accept the debit card as a credit card! (YAY!) Am a happy camper now (as is Big Lenny). MBAM + Panda? "Bring on the nasties! We're ready for ya!" Seriously now, DaleDoc1, I cannot thank you enough! (Needed get it taken care of asap, coz if anything happened to "Big Lenny," the highest-end computer I've ever purchased... Well, I hate to even think about what I'd do!) You're my (new) hero, DaleDoc1! Thank you for "rescuing this 'damsel in distress'!" Love & Light and GRATITUDE! *Silver *Looks like I blew my "cover," RE: "Anonymouswuzzawoman," eh? ROTFL
  3. Sorry, forgot (RE: multi-licenses). Coz I bought each 'puter over time, each MBAM was paid for separately. "Big Lenny" is the only one (almost) "naked." (Re-installed MBAM free when the uninstall proved of no help.) PS: You went to SUCH great pains in your reply to me, "SH". Truly appreciated!
  4. Thx for replying, Spam Hunters. (Fighting giggles. Keep hearing the "Spam" song.) The link you sent is the page I went to -- the prob is, where do I CLICK to "put it in my cart" ? Have moved my cursor everywhere -- can access "more: and "info", no probs. Maybe I'm a "cyber-idjit" (tho' once upon a time I spoke DOS), but how the heck do I get it into my cart?<???> (Am prepped to play the fool, btw. Not a role I'm used to, mind you, but...) *I'll deal w/ the PayPal guest thingie, when I hit pyt time. Thx again! (How about you "five alive"? See you're lurking... ;-)) Anyone?
  5. Please help. (Two questions) 1) A long-time MBAM devotee (is on all my PCs), I just finished the Pro free trial & want to buy Pro for "Big Lenny" (my new Lenovo ;-D). I also have a coupon code (I've yet to try--not the prob--yet) I'd like try to use, BUT--. The (consumer) "BUY" page has a big red "X" for Pro, where (I think) "ADD" should be. The other offers, the bundle, CD, etc all have "ADD" but the red "X" remains on Pro @ the top. I already tried uninstalling the prior "Pro" version (that had reverted to free), thinking it the prob, but no go. The red "X" is still there. (I quickly downloaded MBAM free, when it didn't.) LSS: What should I do? 2) I make all my Net purchases via a friend's debit card. (Long story.) PayPal, on ebay, lets one be a "PayPal Guest" (i.e., debit card, no prob) & hope the same option w/b given here (read somewhere onsite, I'd be taken to PayPal, for pyt). Can anyone tell me if this (the "Guest" option) is the case here? If not, and there isn't the (PayPal) "Guest" option, what other pyt type should I try? Credit card? Check? "D: None of the above"? Thx for your help in advance & congrats on such a fine product. (Have been "nasty-free" since finding my "magic combo": Panda Pro + MBAM.) Love & Light! Silver
  6. Hi, Jack! First & foremost, thanks SO much for your quick reply. (Was exactly what I was hoping for.) Never occurred to me to switch to my admin acc't -- soon as I did so, what I need do was clear. (IOW: All's well now.) Need apologize for MY lateness in thanking you for the help. I'd written you from a (ssshhhh! --will be our little secret, 'kay?) pirated wireless connection I'd found unprotected coz my ethernet connect'n was running slower than a dial-up connect & by the time I'd finished sending my post to *you*, the sun had come up & I feared being detected by the wi-fi user. (I'd avoided paying for my own acc't by pirating a wi-fi connect'n before, not knowing that whenever my MagicJack was activated (unsure if I mentioned am unemployed & trying to start my own biz, IOW: am cutting corners on EVERYTHING 'cept my dogs food, biscuits & monthly toy [what can I say? My dog is my "kid," y'know?]) ...when my MJ activated, its "splachscreen came up on the wifi users screen! (Thank heavens' I'd the presence of mind to NOT use the "911 emgcy address" info or my "tushy would've been in DEEP caca!" [Was totally harmless pirating--if I didn't think of using my admin acc't, do I *really* strike you as a likely hacker?]) Anyway, again, thanks SO very much for the quick "rescue" of this "damsel in distress"... Should the PCAV "guys" not come thru, you'll be replacing Shadowman as my favorite "knight in shining armor!" . BTW, I'd spoken w/ Shadowman @ PCAV (following MBAM's lead) about setting aside a section in their support area for A "Humor" section, akin to your "Tailwaggers & Jokes" area. Coz I've a KILLER joke I've been DYING to share, am gonna give PCAV another week or so to make up their minds abt it [they need clear it w/ Corporate] but if they don't act on it -- SOON -- will be posting it here.] FYI: I've a bit of a rep at PCAV for my off-the-wall sense of humor anyway... (am a pro writer who ADORES satire), but when I heard *this* particular joke I laughed so hard & rcvd the same response to all I told it to... Well, let's just say you'd be well-served to keep an eye out for it! (I WILL post it here, as well, but need give "my guys" at PCAV first dibs coz we've had so much fun in the past, together. [Am a Leo -- i.e, "loyal to the bone."]) Anyhoo~ have rambled way too long so... Again~muchisimas gracias! Love & light (& thanks!) Silver (TOTALLY had 4gotten I'd used the old feminist saying about the ID of "anonymous" as my screen name, here, so that's yet *another* secret we share! (4-get abt blackmail tho' -- unless you want to share my dog [My most valuable "possession"])
  7. Hello, "All," As I said in my topic, we had a lightning attack (9/2--yep--just as the Labor Day Wkend was beginning--IOW: had a HUGE "Cosmic Chuckle" as Murphey's Law goes) that wiped out the Net Connex of almost 1/2 the town's users. JUST got connections back now and need update my MBAM program for the latest updates I've missed but my question is *HOW*? One would think it'd happen automatically, as I have real protection enabled, but I've been online for approx 45 minutes thus far and so far, no MBAM update. (Is still the 9/2 data & I KNOW at *least* sev'l gazillion nasties have been invented in the interim.) Any suggestions? Tried disabling "real time" (but won't let me) to try a manual update. Went to the UPDATER settings--still no go. Tho' I COULD, as a "Pro user," send an email to tech support, prefer not to wait that long (24 hrs) for an answer AND, coz Toshiba, midst trying to find a solution to my prob beFORE my ISP reopened after the long holiday, had me uninstall my 6 mo-free trial of Panda Cloud (which I ADORE, btw--ck it out, all ye Panda virgins), am essentially on the internet sans protection. (Figured having a current version of MBAM would be my 1st step in renewing my protection and THEN (as in, as soon as I post this) will be going back to "my guys" at Panda, throw myself at their mercy & hopefully, be allowed the remainder of my 6 mo free trial by them... So once again -- any ideas on how to update my MBAM when the autoupdate is enabled and it's *not* autoupdating? PS: Living w/o the Net over the loooong wkend was worse than all 5 versions of "SAW" combined! (May it *never* happen to ANY of you! --Have no cable TV--am in the process of starting my own biz--IOW: have had NO contact "w/ the outside world since last FRIDAY! <Obama IS still the Prez, rt? I mean the GOP hasn't helf a coup or anything, have they?) Love & appreciation to all... Silver
  8. "RealMedia": I'd toss your Symantec & replace it with PandaCloud Anti-virus ("computing from the Cloud" seems to be the 'next wave' in virus protection), stay w/ MBAM (and never EVER leave :blush: ) and add Super AntiSpyware FREE to your arsenal. Despite Panda's reviews as having a "fair-to-middlin'" detection rate as an anti-vi, the combo of it with MBAM seems to be the key. (I learned of SAS via one of the first two sites. Before SAS, I was a PC Tools w/ anti vi + Threatfire user before.) While Threatfire DID provide the 'realtime' component, it was too confusing to be of much help. [No help deciding whether to "allow/disallow" the "possible malicious procedures..." it detected.) Having suffered a *god-awful* "scareware" attack (I was away from my 'puter when it hit & was unable to take any action ~ i.e., by the time I got back to my pc & discovered it, nearly a thousand scareware rogue "spores" had infected my System. I ended up having to do a system restore -- and lost my book -- 5+ years of work -- in the process. Since installing those 3, I've been attack free, since! *One can try PandaCloud Anti-vi pro, by clicking "Like" on its facebook page. Do some research about "Cloud Computing" (or "computing from the Cloud") & decide for yourself -- as I said, it worked for me!
  9. :lol: :lol: My fave type of jokes: CLEVER WORD PLAY! And, by *extension* <"Aar-Aar!--HUMOR!" --Mork. (Sorry, couldn't resist)> *TECHINICAL Word Play?* The cherry on my a fudger sundae! THNX!
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