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  1. Doesn't make any difference. Years ago I had this problem with a download program, I don't recall which one, and it turned out to be a matter of compatibility of versions of the program with the version of the browser? of Windows? I don't remember that either.
  2. I think I have attached http://mbst-grab-grab-results.zip mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. If I click on the Malsarebyts icon, the appropriate window appears, but not exactly where it should. It occupies the lower righthand quarter of the monitor screen, where I see the upper left hand corner of the mb page. Since control buttons are in the upper right-hand corner, I have no access to them and can do nothing to get the mb window to align properly.
  4. This forum is *much* too unwieldy to use! Anyhow, my problem is that if I open MBAM, it automatically changes the screen resolution from 1024 x 768 pixels to 8oo X 600, so I also get big icons and see only a fraction of the screen that is supposed to be displayed. This began when I downloaded & installed the latest model of MBAM. While trying to deal with this today, I got a notice that a new version was out, so I changed to it, unless it is the one I already had. I suppose it is 8.3. It told me that it had 800 X 600 resolution, but gave me no way to change this setting. Does the sam
  5. OK, ksiemb, thank you. I tried gaia's way, and couldn't do it (My Computer couldn't find the appcompat file, neither could search). But I went ahead anyhow and did the full scan in Safe Mode. MBAM didn't encounter the app problem in Safe Mode, and got the baddie, a PUP.adware.agent, which was in a viewsonic driver. Next I ran another full scan in normal mode, and this time it also did not run into the app. problem, and found another copy of the same baddie in a sysrestore file. So I am in the clear for now. I will run the Application Verifier as suggested by Chuck 2, but whatever the origina
  6. I have updated all my security programs. AVG scanned and found nothing. Spybot S&D scanned & found only 3 or 4 nuisance tracker cookies, now removed. MBAM quick-scanned & found nothing. On full scan, however, MBAM runs for 28 minutes & 24 seconds, at which time it is scanning installed fonts, and "encounters an error and must close." I remove the font where the scan is when the problem occurs, but the same thing happens with a different font when I start a new scan. I submit the report, which mentions the file C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\ace2_appcompat.txt or one in the
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