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  1. Thanks for straightening that out for me! However, it might still be worth considering creating a sticky post at the top of this particular forum, where others can get up to date, authoritative information regarding known issues that are usually being dealt immediately following the release of a software update.
  2. Yesterday, I read in a topic pertaining to the issue with the Delay Protection at Start-up setting that the actual functionality of that setting has been disabled in 2.0.3 due to its not being able to be deselected. Along with that, the poster also indicated that its selection was allowed to remain in the Settings menu even though it neither indicates, nor controls anything at this point. The poster also pointed out that the Delay Protection at Start-up function would be restored in Ver. 2.1. This is all very good news! However, that post is toward the end of that topic, and so is kind of buried. Today I noticed that there is still discussion going on pertaining to that setting, and yet no effort seems to have been made to communicate to the users that the actual function that the setting controlled had been disabled in 2.0.3, and will be re-enabled in 2.1, and that the setting itself will remain in the Settings menu as merely a placeholder, not having any effect in 2.0.3! Perhaps it might be useful if a sticky were created, containing only one post with a list of known issues that would be updated during the shakedown period after an update's roll out? This list would then be edited by one or two people (point of control), and would list each issue as it becomes known, along with a status indicator, and a brief description of what the issue entails, along with the actions taken to mitigate it. Just one more thought, probably nothing that you haven't already thought of, but I hope that my bringing it up might allow you to rethink its possible usefulness in light of current circumstances.
  3. Ron, one of the key protections MWB has to offer is that when the system is booted, MWB will start early, and begin auto-protecting the system as the rest of it is coming up. If this 15 second start-up delay configuration cannot be turned off, it pretty much deprives us of this key benefit! Would there be a way that the developers could at least alter that selection's drop-down list of delay times, and add 0 seconds as the minimum delay? I imagine that the amount selected is being used to control a delay counter of some sort (nop loop, etc.). If a zero can be inserted into the code at that point, it would then be just as effective as having the user deselect it in the settings menu, but would not disable it altogether for those users who require a delayed start-up. Just a thought.
  4. Thanks for referring me to that link, Ron, at least it let me know that I was on the right track! BTW, my 2.0.2 install appears to be stable at this point, and I'm currently running DB v2014.10.14.12.
  5. Go into MBAM settings, uncheck self protection (which will turn it off), then try deleting the icon. After you've deleted the icon, go back to MBAM settings, and check self protection (turn it back on).
  6. I'm sorry, Firefox, however the nature of this issue definitely points to a common source. Since one commonality is that all here who have updated to 2.0.3 are experiencing this, then the culprit has to be whatever has changed from before the 2.0.3 update, to after that update. That being the case, there are three suspects; the update installer, the database update file data, and the ver. 2.0.3 software logic itself. Given that a similar issue happened with the last update, that being that the database data was apparently not being handled correctly by the updated program, a good place to start would be investigating if there's a connection between what happened then, and what is happening now. Given that problems also started cropping up in ver. 2.0.2 immediately after the database v2014.10.14.nn updates were applied to them shows that the commonality to likely be the database data changes that occurred beginning with the v2014.10.14.nn files. Your people might want to concentrate on those data changes as they will more than likely point directly to the cause of these issues. Just my $0.02, and probably worth a whole lot less... Good luck!
  7. Correction! That should be http://iptest.malwarebytes.org Sorry for the confusion.
  8. For those who may have benn able to get Malicious Website Protection working again, there's a quick way for you to test that it is actually working. Just try going to http://block.malwarebytes.org/ (<-- Click the link!), and Malwarebytes should display a popup warning.
  9. Keep plugging away! The procedure I laid out for you seems to be working for others still using ver. 2.0.2, including myself. However, if you've updated to ver. 2.0.3, then my method may not work. Good luck!
  10. Try it again, only this time don't reboot. Just exit from MWB, and then restart it, and see what happens.
  11. Sorry to hear that! It seems that those who updated to 2.0.3 are continuing to have Malicious Website Protection disabled, even after it seemed to have been re-enabled, while those of us still on 2.0.2 no longer appear to have that issue.
  12. Do a manual database update, and then stop, and restart MWB. Hopefully that will fix it. Manually updating to DB v05 seemed to do the trick for me, anyway.
  13. Manually update your Database, it should download and install v2014.10.14.05. After that, shutdown Malwarebytes, and start it back up, that should reenable Malicious Website Protection.
  14. I did a Hyper Scan, to see if it would abend with a 6, but it completed without incident. I then attempted another manual DB update, and it updated to DB v05. I then looked at the tray icon popup menu, and the Malicious Website Protection (MWP) selection was checked, yet the dashboard stoill showed it as disabled. I then stopped, and restarted MWB, and the Real-Time section of the dashboard initially showed that all Real-Time protection was turned off, but then seconds later, changed to show that both Malware, and Malicious Website Protection were enabled. Some say that MWP bacame enabled after updating to DB v04. Others say it occurred after first running a failed scan, and then redownloading the V04 DB. In my case, it wasn't until D v05 that my symptoms cleared. Until your developers can explain exactly what caused MWP to become disabled, and then explain in exacting detail what they did to cause it to become enabled again, you have NOT fixed the problem! Everything else that has been related in these posts as having "fixed": this are not valid at this point.
  15. After following Gonzo's recommendations in the previous topic to exit MWB, and retart it, the Dashoard still shows that Malicious Website Protection (MWP) is disabled. I right-clicked the tray icon to bring up the menu. The MWP selection was unchecked, so I checked it, and the dashboard still showed it disabled. I then exited out of MWB, and upon restarting it, checked the tray icon menu again, the MWP selected was once again unchecked! I am currently running DB v2014.10.14.04 under program version, all in Windows 7 Pro x64, SP1.
  16. Was there anything at all in the 2014.10.14.nn database updates that were specific to ver. 2.0.3 that may have also made them suddenly incompatible with ver. 2.0.2?
  17. Also, I believe that the FIX NOW button was replaced with INSTALL NOW prior to the 04 DB update. I noticed that it had changed just as 04 was in the process of downloading.
  18. I just updated to DB 04, and it still shows that Malicious Website Protection (MWP) is disabled, but the FIX NOW button has been replaced with INSTALL NOW for the update! BTW, I unchecked, and rechecked MWP, in Settings, as well as the tray icon's popup menu, and while they remained checked, the MWP disabled message remains in the Dashboard,
  19. Apparently, I updated to DB 03 at 1:41:14 AM. Assuming that may be the fixed version of the DB, I checked my settings. While everything shows that malicious website protection should be on, the dashboard is showing that it isn't, saying: "Malicious Website Protection disabled, Malware Protection enabled."
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