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  1. Hard to imagine that you're overly concerned with security when you're running an OS that is no longer patched.
  2. I've uninstalled because of this rather annoying bug; I'll re-install when a few more versions have come and gone.
  3. Did as you suggested, still reverting to 14 days. Please find log attached. MBAMSERVICE.LOG
  4. Tried this, yet no matter how many times I change it to 1 (for once daily), it resets to 14, so every two weeks.
  5. Add me as another having this issue. The pop-up occurs not only after boot but during regular use of my PC. MBAMSERVICE.LOG
  6. Will Malwarebytes 3.0 eventually respect my regional time format? (i.e. 31/10/16 not 10/31/16).
  7. I simply want to change my location, is there no other way to do this? Also, how does one become an 'Honorary Member'?
  8. I am also facing this issue. I moved back to Australia from the UK and wish to change my location. Although I am classified as a 'New Member', I in fact joined in June 2011. P.S. I would've posted this in Forums Announcements & Feedback but as this thread already exists, it seemed pointless to create another.
  9. I'm not having issues, was just wondering which method of exclusion was recommended.
  10. I would like it if a staff member could take a quick look, just for a definitive answer.
  11. Yeah I end up settling on using this section; the descripotion under 'Exclusions' seemed the most apt.
  12. Yes, I saw where you mentioned not using avast! so plan to do as you say, i.e. wait for someone who does.
  13. There are two sections where exclusions can potentially be set; I'm wanting to know what section should be used to set them.
  14. With regards to avast! 2014, should I set the file and web exclusions under Settings > Antivirus or under Settings > Active Protection > File System Shield/Web Shield > Exclusions? I've attached screenshots showing all three locations.
  15. As has been said before, MBAM only scans on execution
  16. Just tech stuff.

  17. WIll do, thanks for the help
  18. Sorry for the delay, went to bed shortly after my post. I've just reinstalled the Java/NetBeans bundle yet MBAM didn't throw up an error so it seems an update has resovled the issue. Thanks anyway for the help!
  19. I'm getting what seems to be a false positive whilst installing the Java/Netbeans bundle (as found here). I've attached a screenshot of the relevant pop-up screen.
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