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  1. Just curious, Has Malwarebytes-Anti-Ransomware been documenting the detection of success and false rates that can be posted? I have dealt with several false positives. It would be nice to hear about the successful detection rates. Thanks
  2. Hi Odin, I had possibly the same file "explorer.exe" quarantined yesterday. I uploaded it to Virus Total and it was reported as a false positive as far as their site was concerned. [ 0 out of 55 ]. You may want to try uploading it to test it there. It may not be 100% correct. I had 4 NVidia video program files quarantined I just had another one (DAO.20878933.exe) all false positives. The last one today a couple minutes ago. Virus Total reported it as a false positive [ 0 our of 54 ].
  3. There are just too many false positives being reported and the pain of rebooting and restoring. Uploading and verifuing as false for regularly needed files from well known programs such as Microsoft, NVidia, Office etc etc. Eleven times now in such a short time is just too much! Four times for NVidia files alone. I am sorry to have to say, but I am uninstalling Malwarebytes Ransomeware. I am a very patient and detailed troubleshooter but these are basic files being claimed as ransomeware. Thank you for the opportunity to test the program out but I believe it should be bac
  4. PS: Virustotal gave it a Detection rating of 0 out of 54
  5. I really did not see where to submit this. Sorry if incorrect place. MBAMAntiRansome quarantined the following file - DAO.20852700.exe Located C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\NVidia\NvBackend\Packages\00008d52\DAO.20852700.exe I do not believe it is Ransomeware. I see no activity to indicate so. Please have a look at it. Thank you Tony4554 logs.zip Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.zip MBAMSERVICE.zip
  6. Is it by the application developer that it has the incorrect extension? Is it something to be concerned with? We paid about $500 for the program and I keep wondering why MBam points out that it is something other than what it truly is and what it should be. I don't think they would put anything in the app on purpose to cause concern, but you never can tell. I am a little bit concerned with the name of it being named transfer.log. I am going to rename it and if I experience any side effects I will try to contact the company again. Thanks again
  7. MBam reports file extension mismatch. Inside of the file is clear text and programming language. The file name is transfer_369.log. Any ideas why it is classified this way and should it be deleted? Thanks Tony mbam-log-2011-06-02 (09-34-19).txttransfer_369.zip
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