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  1. Got the same memory leak just this morning from Malwarebytes, a buddy too . Shut down Malwarebytes and its fine . I have 32GB installed and memory usage went up to 40% at start up and would increase 1% every 5 seconds .
  2. Same problem as others which just started for me today, and Iam also avast and verizon/fios user . As mentioned it being an Avast thing , of which a very simular problem has happened in the past with Avast . With any luck next update will clear it up 'cause the constant pop-ups are driving me crazy !
  3. Just going to sit at home and fiqure which 50" plasma tv Iam going to buy before the holiday sales end , then play alot of Skyrim .... basic vegging out it is all Iam doing today .
  4. New verision working great (as expected) . Nice job!
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