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  1. StartUpLite v1.07 hasn't been updated for several years now and only finds unnecessary startup items on 32-bit version of Windows. If you are using a 64-bit version of Windows, it will never find anything as the startup locations are different I believe. @Marcin (site owner) said a year or so ago he was going to do a decent update of this awesome program (that I used to used very often with great success) but this never happened. If anyone else knows if this will ever be updated again, please post here!
  2. So do I need to run MBAR separately still or is the full functionality of that now incorporated in this new version (assuming I manually tick the check for rootkits box) ?
  3. I still use this program very regularly, but it doesn't ever detect any startups on anything 64-bit, which I presume is because they are stored in a different place? Also, it never, ever finds anything on Windows 8/8.1 probably for the same reasons as above. I'm not even asking for any new definitions to be added, just that it knows where to look on the above mentioned systems...PLEASE!!!
  4. I also use Startup Lite regularly in addition to Autoruns as it's a quick way to stop unneeded programs that I may not recognise using Autoruns. It works perfectly on Windows 7, but the database could do with being updated, which I'm happy to assist in any way I can as I'm always removing unnecessary programs from clients laptops etc... Any comment Marcin?
  5. Is this still on schedule? I'd be lost without this easy-to-use utility for quickly disabling unknown (to me) startups that are unneeded.
  6. Have you had a chance to start on the "rewrite" yet? I'm keeping a close eye out for useless junk thats starts up with branded laptops in particular.
  7. Fantastic....it has been so useful to me.
  8. I realise that there are several other software projects happening on this site, but this excellent, most useful program is being left to stagnate. Maybe a push is needed on the site to get some new startups to add to the database? Brand specific programs are the most useful to have, i.e. Dell, Lenovo, HP etc.. as most new machines tend to come full of junk which can be removed easily.
  9. I've just used the internal updater to go from 1.12 to 1.14 and it downloaded the new version, then the updated definitions, then disappeared and I had to manually restart the program. This has been happening for many versions but I thought it was just my PC playing up, but maybe not after reading these threads.
  10. Has this project been discontinued as there has been no updates of any sort for several months? I'm quite sure that there are new startups appearing all the time which could be added to the database.
  11. Fair enough.. I've passed my MCSE & CCNA exams and work full-time at a fairly high level in the I.T. industry. I'm sure I could be an asset to your "hidden" forums.
  12. Please define "Experts" in the context of your post? I'm an expert in I.T. but do I qualify as one of your "experts" ??
  13. CFTMON.exe will always return, even after you have disabled its startup. However, it is not necessary on 99% of users PCs and can be completely removed at the following link: Frequently asked questions about Ctfmon.exe
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