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  1. Thanks. I'll be using Quick Scan instead for my weekly malware scan.
  2. This forum is just for MBAM False Positives. You might want to try the McAfee forums.
  3. The latest is 1697. When the database is up to date, it usually says "You have the latest database version." You might be having some issues.
  4. What are the differences between a Quick Scan and a Full Scan besides speed? Should I use a Full Scan to make sure that everything's clean?
  5. Thanks. Another scenario: what do I do next if Malwarebytes removed the active infection but there are still leftover malware files that aren't active?
  6. Yes, I recommend it. SpywareBlaster does not use ANY resources. It protects you by restricting known sites that contain malware, blocks tracking cookies from advertising companies and blocking malware ActiveX programs. I use it and it's great.
  7. Hello everyone. I was curious if MBAM can also detect more uncommon malware or is it just designed for more common malware (like Zlob or rogues). Thanks in advance.
  8. So I guess malware writers are also using drivers to infect computers?
  9. How about Kaspersky or BitDefender? MBAM is still faster in fixing FP's.
  10. Wow! In other AV's like McAfee, FP's usually takes days (even weeks) to get fixed.
  11. Wow. I never knew that MBAM used heuristics, and they're excellent. Other AV's heuristics usually results in a lot of false alarms.
  12. When my dad's laptop got infected with malware, I used Ad-Aware first to remove them but it was unsuccessful. Then I remembered that people helping victims of malware use Malwarebytes to clean their computers. I used MBAM then voila! The laptop is clean. Malwarebytes can remove malware that other Antivirus/antispywares can't. What makes it different from the rest?
  13. I have a feeling that running the command will remove mbamgui.exe I don't know why it's running. I use the free version and mbamgui.exe isn't in Task manager.
  14. I don't mean to be rude but have they finished the algorithm yet?
  15. Maybe this would be okay? It's a review, though. http://www.download.com/8301-2007_4-100504...ain;contentBody
  16. I'm not really sure about the first one, but I'll research it. As for the second one: It's both. You can use it for free to scan and remove malware but you need to pay if you want the real-time (live) protection and auto updates/scans, like Ad-Aware. The free version doesn't have: 1. Real-time protection 2. Auto updates (you need to press the "update" button manually) 3. Auto scans (you need to manually open MBAM everytime you want to run a scan)
  17. Their "Customer Support" doesn't do a good job. They just repeat what they say in ads (increase speed up to 375%!) and they hung up when you ask them more detailed questions.
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