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  1. Remember that you can only put it on one computer.
  2. According to the MBAM Download.com page: http://www.download.com/Malwarebytes-Anti-...4-10804572.html The program works on: I've read somewhere that you can't run it on 64-bit. Is it a new feature in v1.34?
  3. Another question - why is the update file 100 KB heavier (it used to be around 1500, it's now 1600)?
  4. After reading the MBAM Help file for the first time, I've noticed that there are two command line parameters that seem to be very useful, /quickscan and /runupdate. My question is: Is it against the Malwarebytes EULA if I added mbam.exe /quickscan and/or mbam.exe /runupdate in the Windows Task Scheduler if I use the freeware version?
  5. I am NOT experiencing any problems, I'm just asking. Does it work on all Windows Security Centers (WinXP, WinVista, Win7)?
  6. What was the reason for this? Previous versions did not ask for a reboot.
  7. Do I still have to uninstall 1.33 before installing 1.34?
  8. And is this version still in beta or is it stable?
  9. Did they fix the freezing issues? And do I have to uninstall v1.33 before installing 1.34? The setup file is sitting on my Downloads folder.
  10. Do we have to go to Download.com or can I just press update in v1.33? And what's the difference between 1.34 and 1.33?
  11. Fixed. Received 1738 and I get "You have the latest defenitions" when I update.
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