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  1. I had two of my machines update, one, no problems, worked as it should. The second, an older lifetime key had an error message saying there was a problem with the key and asking if I had gotten it offline, or if I had bought it. I had purchased the key years ago, so I selected that option, then I was given a message stating it would fix my key. Key was apparently "Fixed" MBAM working fine now, but I notice in the Account Screen that on the installation that worked properly, there is an "Identifier" and a "Key" listed, on the older key that was "Fixed" it has NO Identifier, only a Key. Perh
  2. Fortunately had MBAM installer on thumb drive. Tried to reinstall, had a bunch of errors and rolled itself back. Tried again, it told me I had to restart the computer. Restarted and then ran installer again, install succeeded, and updated, and started. Restored all items in Quarantine but like others here who are lucky enough to be running, several "Restored" but are still in Quarantine. Took a chance, and hit Delete All, cleared Quarantine and all is still working properly. @computergeek1123 Chameleon will not run you will need to reinstall MBAM if you are lucky enough to be able to get into
  3. I downloaded inSSIDer 2 from MetaGeek: http : // www . metageek.net/products/inssider/ Software for identification of wireless networks. Upon installation I get the following: I did a UniExtract on the Installer package, and pulled out the BootStrap.exe file to run developer mode on. Developer Mode scan shows; BootStrap.zip attached. Bootstrap.zip
  4. I am running Vista 32 bit with all updates. I have a few computers running Vista but only one which is still not allowing MBAM to start with Windows. I keep getting the stupid Windows blocked programs from starting click here. When I go in to allow programs, it shows MBAM as being enabled, but not running. When I start MBAM it starts fine, but asks me if I want to allow MBAM to run. I have tried removing with Add Remove Programs, with the removal tool posted in several other threads here, and with YourUninstaller Pro. I have gone and deleted all MBAM related files and Folders that I can find.
  5. I am just curious. I have tried searching for this and either I am using the wrong search words or maybe it isn't here. In my full version of MBAM, I have the option to Auto Scan, but it only allows for a Quick Scan. Is there any way to have it do an auto scan but perform the full scan? Sorry if this has been asked and answered.
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