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  1. Hmm maybe its just the UK but I haven't had a call for a virus for a month now.
  2. There seem to be far fewer viruses about right now, Am I right ?? Not so good if you are a PC engineer
  3. Can anyone tell me how this virus launches ? Does it come in after clicking a fake warning popup ? I have removed it from several machines and I tell customers that they probably clicked on a fake warning popup but i'm not certain. A screen shot would be great if it is. Most customers say it just appeared... Thanks
  4. Start Menu Program shortcuts Current User Quick Start shortcuts All Users Desktop folders and shortcuts Try navigating to the following path: (make sure you have the hidden files and folders visible) C:\Documents and Settings\your user name goes here \Local Settings\Temp\smtmp Inside the smtmp folder you will see three folders named 1, 2, 4 1 = Start Menu Program shortcuts 2 = Current User Quick Start shortcuts 4 = All Users Desktop folders and shortcuts Simply copy the shortcuts back to the original path. Hope this helps!
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