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  1. Im running MWB v, component package version 1.0.342, update pkg version 1.0.4072.

    Same thing.  Real-time protection disabled and grayed out.  To note this has been gong on for some time.  Think this first occurred for me summer of 2017, and never went away. Did all the clean utility, reinstall, etc, reinstall.  I have have had at least two upgrades since it first began.  This is not new, not fixed, pervasive. Been paying for real time protection for half a year that is disabled.  Its not a current version issue.

  2. We have MWB Corporate and about 2 weeks ago they all got stuck updating. Each time the PC starts it throws a message on the MWB system tray icon that the ap is XX days (usually 22 or 42) out of date. We run the update and it says it updates but the system tray icons never go away - always noting that the last database version is v2012.04.040.8 (4/4/12).

    Its odd that almost all our corprate PCs running it are all affected. Known issue:?

  3. I miss the simple days of viruses. We rarely get viruses anymore, but Roge AV, browser highjacking, and we link poisioning is driving me nuts. Despite edcuating our users we are still being plaqued by these weekly. Running corporate Mcafee VSE 8.7i, but it doesn little for these instantaneous threats.

    How well does the Pro version of MWB do on these threats in a corporate networked environment. Any one with some experiences to share?


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