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  1. Normally I don't manually update unless the computer has been off for a day or two and I want to do a scan. I have it set to update on a shedule daily with a 1 hour re-try if it misses it. Looks like I have the latest update. Sorry... all for nothing.
  2. Normally it would go thru the updating process with the blue sliding bar from left to right and when finished it would tell you. My database version is as follows v02015.11.15.03 which would appear to be current?? Just have never seen the "no updates available" message before when manually updating.
  3. Well something is not working then on my end as I tried to do a manual update and still getting "no updates available"?? Not sure what that something could be as I have not changed anything related to my computer in some time and things were updatiing just fine a few days ago.
  4. Hi, Long time user of MBAM Premium. How often are new updates becoming available? Reason being, the last day or so when I click "Update" all i get is "no updates available" Never have received this message before? Thanks in advance.
  5. Digging up and old thread. So will mbae work with Palemoon without doing anthing?
  6. I posted this in support, but probably should have only posted here. Any known issues/bugs with running Exploit with windows 8.1? Read some reviews where a couple individuals claimed it didn't play well with 8.1. Also, i use Palemoon as my browser (Firefox for Windows) and see that it works with Firefox but nothing mentioned about Palemoon. Thanks in advance.
  7. Two part question. 1. New computer that came with free Webroot internet security suite. I've got MBAM to install the setup program to my desktop, but when I try and run it, webroot is blocking it with a threat detected message. I even selected it to allow the setup.exe program, but it still will not allow me to install. Keeps giving me threat detected messages. I'm new To Webroot (had Avast free version on old XP computer) so I am not real familiar with using the permissions portion to allow malwarebytes to install. I've posted a similiar thread over at the webroot community forum and am waiting for a response there as well, just thought maybe someone here has had a similar problem? 2. Old computer cannot acces internet anymore. I had a subsription to the pro version on that computer and now I want to continue with it on my new computer. Is it as simple as re-registering it with the ID and license key? Do i have unregister/ uninstall it on the old computer first? If so can I do so without internet access on old computer? I know this is a lot to chew on, but at this point I'm stuck and am not particularly savy when it comes to computers. Thanks in advance.
  8. I have Malwarebytes pro version and do weekly quick scans. I can't remember the last time it actually found anything and I am a fairly heavy internet user. I also use the free version of SuperAntispyware and do weekly quick scans with it also. Use to be that SAS would find the occasional adware cookie, but that was rare. Now, neither scanner ever finds anything so it makes you wonder if it is actually working correctly or should I just be thankful that they appear to be keeping my system clean along with AVast AV and PC tools firewall.
  9. Sorry. XP 32 bit Avast free version 6.0.1000 PC Tools Firewall Plus MBAM Pro Database version 6242
  10. I use Windows XP home edition and Avast Free version for AV.
  11. Hi, I am using the realtime version of MBAM and was wondering what everyone's thoughts are regarding setting Exclusions for MBAM in my AV? It would appear from listening to others that MBAM plays well with most FW's and AV's and there shouldn't be any need. Needed? or not needed?
  12. Problem has been fixed at least for the time being. I uninstalled MBAM, then re-installed and re-registered my subscription and all is well so far.
  13. I have the purchased version of MBAM and today when I booted the computer and MBAM tried to load I received this message. I re-booted and same thing. Any ideas?
  14. Does anyone know if MBAM paid version has any known conflicts with PC Tools firewall plus or Avast Antivirus? The reason I ask is that sometimes my computer hangs or slows way down when browsing or connecting to different sites. Not sure I needed to do this but.. I have set my PC tools firewall applications to accept all incoming and outgoing traffic for MBAM. I have also added exclusions in AVAST for all MBAM files/executables etc.. OR... is it that with multiple real-time scanners running side by side going to naturally just slow everything down. I am running windows XP home edition with 512mb or RAM so I don't have alot to work with in the first place.
  15. I should clarify that it is a Dell Dimension desktop and home edition of XP.
  16. I am using Windows XP SP3 and was wondering when ticking the option to wake computer to do a scheduled scan, do I put it into Stand by mode or Hibernate? Or does it make a difference? thanks
  17. Maybe a better question would be is there anywhere where I could go to get info on all the options your allowed to tick either with scheduled scan or update? Some of them are self explanatory, but others I'm not sure??
  18. Just purchased MBAM and have a couple questions regarding scheduled scan setup. 1. Under Protection > Scheduler> scan setup I see there is a box to check for "Perform scan silently from system account". What is this and how is the scheduler affected whether I have it checked or not? or do I need it checked or not?? 2. It seems that if I do check this option, the other option just below it "terminate program when scan performs successfully" is automatically deactivates. Guess I don't understand the connection between the two. 3. If I elect to have the computer awakened to perform scheduled scan and updates will this work if the computer is on standby?? or must it be in hibernate mode? Along the same lines, what happens if the computer is shutdown when the scheduled scan and or update is scheduled to perform? Bear with me as I'm still learning this setup.
  19. Whoops you beat me to it GT500. As long as I gotcha hear..... I currently have the 1.32 version of malwarebytes, will I get the latest fixes that are on 1.33 version but just doing an update or will I have to uninstall 1.32 and download and install 1.33?
  20. I have the free version 1.32 and I would also be interested in hearing if the scans for each are different?
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