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  1. Hi there, Reading through this thread a bit, I saw mention of a 'technician license'. Where would I go to get more information on that type of license? Here is our situation: I work as an IT staff member at a college in Pennsylvania, and we have a group of students known as Student Support Services. These students are trained computer technicians with Dell certifications. Some of their responsibilities include cleaning up virus-infected machines for the not-so-tech-savvy students who populate our campus. Until now we have been avoiding using MBAM as we are neither standard consumers or a typical corporate environment that will install MBAM on all company computers. However, this technician license sounds very lucrative. How does it work? Where can we apply for a license and get some more information? What we envision is being able to install MBAM on an infected machine for the purpose of cleanup, and then unstall MBAM when we are finished. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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