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  1. Thank you for looking into it; - Tony D
  2. I've been using the Magical Jelly Bean key finder for years. I went to the site today and found MalwareBytes Browser Guard blocks it due to a Trojan. Can you please verify this site is malicious? https://www.magicaljellybean.com/keyfinder/ Thank you
  3. Again, thanks for the speedy reply and thank you for volunteering to answer these questions.
  4. Thanks for the speedy reply. I will have to fire up the old machine to do that. I'm replacing the old machine because it was still running XP. Besides I think the hard drive is failing. What happen in the event the hard drive fails and you're unable to deactivate the license on the old machine?
  5. I have a lifetime license that I want to move to my new computer. I've downloaded MBAM trial to the new machine. I went to activate my old license on the new machine. I entered my ID and Key. The activate button remained greyed out. Do I have to uninstall MBAM from my old machine first?
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