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  1. I use WebRoot and Malwarebytes on my Desktop and have no issues. The log files you requested are attached. It took my laptop over 10 minutes to create them. mbst-grab-results.zip
  2. Should I reinstall MWB before running the support tool?
  3. Recently loaded Malwarebytes latest version on Dell 7373 laptop running Windows 11. I am on the beta channel of the Windows Insider Program. Noted extreme slowdown of system right from the start with Windows Hello not appearing for over 30 seconds and all downhill from there. Slow speeds on every functionl. Sadly when Malwarebytes remove slowness gone. System Dell 7373 laptop with generation 8 I7 processor. Limitation may be because only 8 GB of memory and Task Manager shows Malwarebytes using over 400mgb of memory
  4. I have tried the advice to add the internal loop ( to the network card on the Windows 2008 R2 DNS Server in IPv4. This is added under the actual DNS Server IP address. It does not work. If the workstation is rebooted still 5 of the 9 computers are not present in the network explorer. If I stop Malwarebytes then click on network explorer all the workstations are seen. We have Malwarebytes only on the machines that are active on the Internet and it is happening with every one. Are there other suggestions?
  5. I have been struggling for weeks to find out why my computer only shows 5 of the 9 computers on my Win2008R2 network. Finally running network check on my windows 10 computer I was prompted that mwac.sys was causing an issue with the network. None of this happened before my Premium Malwarebytes was upgraded to the latest edition 3.7.1. I have seen somewhere that mwac.sys can cause problems with DNS and Active Directory. Is there a workaround or has this been addressed on a later release
  6. Thanks will do. Since I removed the USB 3 driver I have re-selected the "Start file execution blocking" I've rebooted the system and there is no hang. Will let you know if there is any further trouble
  7. Here are the files you had me create. Besides installing malwarebytes I realized yesterday that I also installed a new USB 3.0 external drive from Seagate. There was a usb 3.0 driver to install with that drive, but it turns out it is for a specific NEC USB adapter which my system does not have. I removed any traces of that device. I think I will reactivate the "start file execution blocking when protected mode starts" option and see if there is a system hang again. Extras.Txt OTL.Txt
  8. I am having the exact same problem Just purchased Malwarebytes this weekend and installed with no trouble. Had to reboot my system and within 2 minutes system hangs with turning circle. Cannot Ctrl-Alt-Del. Have to reboot. Decided to stop "Start file execution blocking with protected mode" and now system is working. Somehow it is causing all system files to halt so the only out was a reboot. Will leave the exe block wiht protected mode off, but would appreciate other solution. Thanks
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