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  1. Strange indeed. V2 products are sold in stores across the country and online. I've used them for years. If the WOT browser extension can't be trusted, then how can one learn to trust the evaluations from it. It's a real conundrum.
  2. MB just asked today if I wanted to upgrade. Immediately upon upgrading I went to visit a website where I always go to purchase my ecigs supplies. MB popped up the message that the website is a "Fraud". Can someone look into this and let me know if I've been dupped? Thanks (alleged fraud website would be dubdubdub..v2.com)
  3. Unlocked at the request of the member, as this issue has once again re-appeared. Please carry on.
  4. At the request of the member, this topic is re-opened for further research...please carry on.
  5. Success! You could, if you like, scan again and enable "Rootkit" scanning. To do that, open mbam, click "Detection and Protection" and check the box "Scan for rootkits". How's it running for you?
  6. There are more than a few problems, but before we proceed you should look for and uninstall the following program: QuickShare QuickShare is an adware program most commonly bundled with other "Free" downloaded software of certain type(s). This particular piece of vermin has almost rootkit type capabilities (...almost, although not quite). You should use caution when downloading/installing programs from the internet and uncheck certain items (when available as an option) so that other "PUP" type software won't be surreptitiously installed. Next, you need to decide upon, which of these you wou
  7. Greetings Mr. Bojangles and thank you for your patience, Please disable the active protection component of your antivirus and antispyware programs by following the directions that apply Here. Next, please download the free utility DDS from any of these locations...Here, Here...or Here. Note - Some infections may prevent certain executable files from running on your computer. If one of these download locations results in a failed run of the utility, please try the next location until you find one that will work on your machine Double click the downloaded dds utility to run the tool When it comp
  8. Per the request from the user, this thread is closed and the member will re-post once all the peer to peer software has been removed.
  9. Re-opened as per request of member, please carry on.
  10. Re-opened at users request...user wanted to thank kevinf80 for the help, and wants the opportunity to finish up.Good work Kev! Please carry on...
  11. Due to the lack of feedback this Topic is closed to prevent others from posting here. If you need this topic reopened, please send a Private Message to any one of the moderating team members. Please include a link to this thread with your request. This applies only to the originator of this thread. Other members who need assistance please start your own topic in a new thread. Thanks! The fixes and advice in this thread are for this machine only. Do not apply the instructions from this thread to your own machine. Please start a new thread describing your issue and someone will be along to assis
  12. Still with us RoadGuyXTL? Can you provide us with any information yet about your situation?
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