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  1. Exile...you said... "but further documentation for the user should be implemented so they understand why it's detected so the user can make up their own mind, and if indeed the user was the one making these changes, then they should have no trouble doing so, as long as MBAM provides proper documentation of what exactly the detection means (listing a reg key and saying "hijack" and "bad" or "good" isn't quite adequate in my opinion." I agree..if it was explained more thoroughly I might not have had a problem...but ... Then I wouldn't have learned something new...like I did with this discussion with you and reading your discussion with Digerati.. thanks guys...DW
  2. One more question if you don't mind.. When I ran the scan and deleted what I thought was a problem...I had just installed MBAM..Could I have uninstalled MBAM ...then gone back to the day before's restore point and restored things to the way they were the day before the installation?..Would that have brougt back the registry to the way it was before MBAM found the fp and I deleted it?...DW
  3. Thanks for the explanation Exile...you've been very helpful...I won't delete anything from now on till I check it out..DW
  4. Hi..sorry yes I could ignore..and with the help of Exile thats what I ended up doing...after I put the entry back into the registry...ran the scan again and put it on ignore...I guess because it was the first time I used mbam it was a little confusing to me and for the lack of better judgement I deleted it...all the other programs I use have a place to put things in quarantine..thanks..dw
  5. Hi..the reason I deleted the FP that showed up for me was because I wasn't given the option to quarantine like other programs give you , (till you can find out more about the infection)...I could delete it or delete all...or restore it..no other choices..In the link to the post I cited others had this same problem..you have to read the whole post in the link..at the end of it Rubber Ducky says.."Something is going wrong with registry quarantining on your systems. I will take a look at the code. " but then I never saw a resolution to the problem....I haven't used mbam since..I was thinking of uninstalling it...because of fps how do I know what is or isn't a real threat?...DW
  6. I found a post from back in August and September with the same problem (no way to quarantine)..I'll see if I can post it for you to read..I didn't see if there was a fix to the problem..thanks...here's the link http://www.malwarebytes.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=6025
  7. As a side note...why didn't anything ever show up in Quarantine..the second time I ran the scan I checked to see if I could quarantine the problem instead of deleting it like I did the first time..no place to do that..I thought maybe the first time I just missed it..but there was no where to quarantine...is it because I have the free version of malwarebytes..thanks...
  8. Did as you instructed..scanned again and put it on the ignore list..Thanks for your time and help..Dancing
  9. looks like we posted at the same time..thanks..
  10. I'm not really comfortable going into the registry..I know how to get into it by going to start and then type in Regedit but thats about it...thanks anyway...the computer seems to be working ok the way it is..can I just leave it this way..thanks...
  11. There is nothing in quarantine to select...because I deleted it ...so I can't restore it that way..Is it ok just to leave it the way it is..thanks...
  12. I had the same thing happen and deleted it also..now of course I can't restore it..its not in quarantine..do I just not worry about it..thanks..
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