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  1. After you went to today.com did you scroll down? I ALWAYS get something went wrong.....
  2. Crashes Today.com website every time, beta 3 works fine on today.com
  3. I don't remember but it was a valid license and I paid $24+ for it, that tells me since I don't remember, my license is lost with my crashed computer hard drive sadly
  4. It was a 2 part user ID and serial lifetime license bought many years ago
  5. Hello Everyone, My old computer had a disk crash and I'm unable to retrieve my Malwarebytes lifetime license information, is it stored somewhere other than my old hard drive I hope? Thank you
  6. Thank you much for the reply my 2 minute threat scan works for me....
  7. Thank you, I did that so Defender is running also, It just seemed like threat scan ran so fast, I wondered if there was a better deeper scan normally!
  8. Currently I use threat scan, it runs in a few minutes, is there a better scan to run daily?
  9. Hi, I just upgraded Win 10 to 2004 release, I have MWB, I notice I now have Windows Security, are they able to work together, does anyone know?
  10. @Porthos Thank you very much for the help, MUCH appreciated!!!
  11. Hi, I keep getting a registry key found which is a false positive for me, is there a way to allow the key so it's not scanned anymore?
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