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  1. Hi, I have MWB lifetime license V3.0.6.1469 installed my Component package is version 1.0.50, I see posts about Component package 1.0.69, I think I'm up to date what is with the component package 1.0.69, is my version out of date and is there a way to update just the component package to a newer version? Thank you for any info on further updates!
  2. Hi, I currently have a desktop with a Lifetime license activated windows 10 for Malwarebytes and V3.0.5 is working fine. Can I use this license on a new laptop which I just got and if so how? I don't want to lose my lifetime license as this is GREAT software, so any help I would really appreciate and I hope this isn't a dumb question on my part... Thanks much
  3. Hi Team, Wow this Beta is much faster in starting anyways, I have not done a scan yet. All my scheduled scans from Beta 3 seem to be scheduled just fine in Beta 4 which is a good thing! Things are getting good!
  4. Hi Ried, As you requested MBAMSERVICE.LOG
  5. Hi All, Scan settings are not saved when I click OK. I have set 3 Custom scans, to do full C drive scans on different days, my scan settings should be saved when I say OK, but when I go back to look at the settings in edit they are NOT saved, which is a BUG!
  6. *IF* you need anything else or possibly need to go up Team Viewer on my computer, let me know
  7. OK Ried, Here you go! MBAMSERVICE.LOG
  8. Just quit Malwarebytes from systray icon and restarted it from the desktop icon and
  9. Restarted computer as requested nothing changed
  10. OK, I installed V3.0.3 and my dashboard looks like this BUT When I look to see what version I rebooted, I checked for updates, I ran a threat scan, so something still isn't right
  11. Yep going to download it now, a pain to have to uninstall the first beta, just got all my scheduled scans set, oh well...
  12. Hi All, I now seem to have the 410 version of updates
  13. Hi All, After I just rebooted(I don't reboot often), things seem better, I don't have slow browsing and now Malwarebytes seems to be up to date see screenshot
  14. Hi, Here is a screenshot of my about, the update package is way behind yours
  15. Hi All, I just upgraded to Beta 3.02.1175, I have a lifetime license. Everything seemed OK when I upgraded but now I have a couple of problems: 1. Browsing (actually opening programs also) got VERY slow, I'm using Win 10 X64 with 8GB memory with a pretty good I5 processor. 2. Suddenly Malwarebytes Updates stopped working. Does that mean my definitions are outdated? I keep getting notifications that updates are out of date, does that effect my safety in any way? I uninstalled Malwarebytes (after the update seemed to be causing problem for me as mentioned above) and then did a clean install of Malwarebytes 3.02.1175 Browsing with Chrome still seems slow and definitions are still out of date and can't be updated. This is Beta software and problems are to be expected, I just don't want problems that can compromise my safety, thanks for any info...