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  1. Thank you much for the reply my 2 minute threat scan works for me....
  2. Thank you, I did that so Defender is running also, It just seemed like threat scan ran so fast, I wondered if there was a better deeper scan normally!
  3. Currently I use threat scan, it runs in a few minutes, is there a better scan to run daily?
  4. Hi, I just upgraded Win 10 to 2004 release, I have MWB, I notice I now have Windows Security, are they able to work together, does anyone know?
  5. @Porthos Thank you very much for the help, MUCH appreciated!!!
  6. Hi, I keep getting a registry key found which is a false positive for me, is there a way to allow the key so it's not scanned anymore?
  7. Why you ask, because I don't go to all the manufactures web sites looking for driver updates every day, this program finds the driver updates daily and allows me to download and install them. Is that being lazy or maybe an EASY way to keep all my drivers up to date, you tell me ok?
  8. OK. that explains it, I've added it to the allow, I've used the program for a few years with zero problems. I'm running V4.1.0.56, sorry never updated my signature info.
  9. Weird it MUST be me, are you blocking Drivermax for some good reason or not, you must know, why do you need things from me? Go to Drivermax.com and download the program, you will see the block!
  10. Hi, Why is Malwarebytes 4.1 lifetime suddenly taking Drivermax out and blocking it from re-downloading, it's NOT a PUP, I've been using it for years to keep my Drivers updated?
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