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  1. @gonzo : thank you very much, I can access both sites now, I suppose Bryce-tutorials must have done something about it because it was impossible to reach them until now.
  2. @gonzo : thanks, clarification OK, but whitelisted yes please, if they are safe of course.
  3. Thank you Porthos for the info.
  4. I wonder if those websites are really suspicious. Thank you.
  5. @LiquidTension : thanks for the info and follow up. Your post dated January 29th gave me hope for a solution.
  6. Hello, I tried to install the Beta anti ransomware but got a warning that it is not compatible with a product already installed, I have ransomware protection OFF in MBAM. The provided link to the download link is warning for the incompatibility but only for the free Mbam, not the Premium one. Still, even if I quit malwarebytes I cannot install the beta anti-ransomware. I'll certainly keep monitoring the forum as I did for a long time already, hoping for a solution. Thank you for your reply.
  7. Same here and in addition Web protection is also disabled due to the error : "resolving host". In that regard I better start Mbam the latest after Thunderbird and Chrome otherwise the issue of resolving host is back, even with Web protection OFF, good that the Browser guard is probably doing the same ! Somehow this is not right having to give up available protection since begin November 2019, that's a very long time.
  8. Yesterday I installed malwarebytes, with all the exclusions mentioned by Porthos, only I left the ransomware protection OFF, to be on the safe side I thought. I restarted the computer and everything was OK. This morning starting the computer and : NO internet. The other computers were still on line with the old version I uninstalled malwarebytes the normal way, not with the support tool, restarted the computer and I was back online, reverted to the 3.8 version. Restarted the computer and malwarebytes vanished, probably because it was mentioned o
  9. @Porthos : thank you very much for the link, in the meantime I think I memorized that tutorial, which is very good. I tried everything, checked twice to be sure, but no it did not work. I think, since many people have that problem, it's a windows issue and as long as they don't correct it, it will not work. Their suggestion is to use One Drive but I consider that as unsafe. The only workaround I can find (since computers in the network can be seen and then disappear) is to copy the document or pricture to an USB thumb drive and print from there. Adding a printer is impossible as long as
  10. For this I found the culprit : it's malwarebytes browser guard that crashes, it has been posted.
  11. Thanks, I will try them. After trying to get it better I think it's worse. Now I cannot connect to the laptop from the desktop any more, after restarting the computer this afternoon. Internet became so slow and malwarebytes did not start any more.First I disabled allow downloads from other PC's, it went better just for a while. Strange things happen, I'm aware of that.
  12. Thank you for your reply. I checked on KIS firewall, there was no networked printer port active nor 445. Network is configured : monitor selected ports. So I suppose it's not blocked. Network connection is private. I also did a network reset but this did not help. I'll try microsoft support.
  13. Both have Windows 10 Home Edition 1903.18362.535 64 bit on it. printer : HP Officejet 6600 The initial purpose was to share the printer HP Officejet 6600 (usb connected)that is set as shared on the computer and working, on the laptop I get the error : Windows cannot connect to the printer. Check the printer name. If it is a network printer make sure it is turned on and that the printer address is correct. I checked all that. Since this failed I tried to make a network connection from the laptop to the computer with the result hereafter. On the laptop : file and prin
  14. Yes, it works with disabling ransomware protection, for now I'll leave malwarebytes disabled, for the time being KIS only.😒 Still hope for a possible solution !
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