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  1. Thanks for your reply. I might try that later on, for the moment it is working all right with the malwarebytes rootkit scan disabled. The thing is that on the other computers I don't have that problem, same system Windows 10 19042.928.
  2. Thanks, with the rootkit scan disabled, the scan is finished without stopping. Kaspersky is actually doing a rootkit scan every 24 h. I would say it is solved for now (I'm never too optimistic when computers are concerned).
  3. Thank you for your reply. I already did a checkdisk through properties C:\ drive : no errors. To be sure I repeated it today with the command your mentioned : scanning and repairing 100% complete. I know that there were incompatibilities with kaspersky in the past, this time it is not the culprit, before excluding everything I did an mbam scan with Kaspersky disabled, same thing occurred: it stops a little bit further than before but it still stops. I have 2 other computers and a laptop also with Kaspersky and malwarebytes together, so far I had no problems with the scans, it mu
  4. Every scan hangs randomly once the files system scan starts, it finishes after a few minutes, the scan duration time continues to run, the HD temperature goes up to 53°C. I added the mbst-grab results. I also used the clean option but it did not help, ran sfc /scannow : no integrity violation. Thanks for looking to it. mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. @shadowwar : thank you for your reply. I can exclude it now that I know it's not a real infection, maybe re-install the software ?
  6. @shadowwar: thanks, I rescanned and I still have one detection, as mentioned by Porthos : 97096A.MSI. I have Corel Paint Shop Pro X5 on the computer, since I bought it end 2019. I have the same program on another computer, installed more than 6 years ago, did a scan with malwarebytes, same settings, and there was no detection. Sorry for the late reaction : I live in Europe.
  7. Thanks for your reply. I added the actual log and the zipped msi files. In the log files it's mentioned as quarantined but I did put them back. log file detection.txt 1530470410_msifiles.zip
  8. This was found a moment ago. Can it also be a false positive ? Thanks.
  9. @gonzo : thank you very much, I can access both sites now, I suppose Bryce-tutorials must have done something about it because it was impossible to reach them until now.
  10. @gonzo : thanks, clarification OK, but whitelisted yes please, if they are safe of course.
  11. Thank you Porthos for the info.
  12. I wonder if those websites are really suspicious. Thank you.
  13. @LiquidTension : thanks for the info and follow up. Your post dated January 29th gave me hope for a solution.
  14. Hello, I tried to install the Beta anti ransomware but got a warning that it is not compatible with a product already installed, I have ransomware protection OFF in MBAM. The provided link to the download link is warning for the incompatibility but only for the free Mbam, not the Premium one. Still, even if I quit malwarebytes I cannot install the beta anti-ransomware. I'll certainly keep monitoring the forum as I did for a long time already, hoping for a solution. Thank you for your reply.
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