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  1. Thank you for further instructions. I was making it more complicated than it needed to be. I cleaned up the uninstall and reinstalled MBAE again. Ran the test and it worked fine. Glad to know I'm being better protected.
  2. I sent you a screen shot of what I got when I right clicked on clean_mbae batch file. Left clicking on it gives me the message that I need to run it as administrator. The only options I have available on the right click are shown on the screen shot posted previously.
  3. My laptop is set up so that I am always the administrator. I also went to the RUN/CMD and tried to activate the administrator (which worked) but was not able to run the clean_mbae batch file. There is not optionto right click on clean_mbae to "run as administrator". See attachments.
  4. I just did the MBAE test and the "normal" button does have the calculator pop up. The "exploit" button does nothing. I am running the Free version but was under the impression that this should still work. What can I do about this to make sure I'm really being protected. I LOVE Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and have had a lifetime license for years!! Wish something like that was offered for the paid version. Will the free version really work???
  5. I have been getting the error code 2 - [Open Event] failed to perform desired action - for about 3 days now. This morning when I opened Malwarebytes, it said my computer was not protected. I clicked the box to protect it, but the error message came back. What's wrong?
  6. I have Malwarebytes on one computer and my husband has it on another. His definitions update automatically and mind just sends me a reminder that "X" number of days has passed since the last update. We both have Dell laptops, we both run Windows 7 Home Premium Edition, and all of our programs are the same on the computer. I have mine set to update automatically, but they don't. WHY?
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