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  1. Thanks, Porthos. I've just rebooted after installing the beta. This is a new PC and although MW has been running for a week or so, it's only in the last couple of days that I've started to use the system for work. Hopefully, the beta won't introduce new issues.
  2. I've just had a BSOD with the message that mwac.sys was the item causing a SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION. I've run MW diagnostics and the mb-check-results file is attached. mb-check-results.zip
  3. I've had p.typekit.net, cdn.segment.com, stats.g.doubleclick.net, and a fair few others.
  4. I don't recall being asked. However, it rebooted. I'm a bit hazy on this now, but I was following the procedure and the only thing that I remember not going to plan was that after the reboot nothing happened.
  5. I followed the procedure, but when I arrived at step 5 there was no prompt to download, etc. I downloaded the free version and activated it by manually entering the licence key and id. Everything seems fine now, but I'll keep an eye on notifications for a while. Thanks.
  6. I installed Premium 3.0 on an XP machine and it scans as expected. However, it's constantly asking to update to 3.1, but there's no activity when the notification is clicked (ditto in the app itself). I'm now wondering if this version is supposed to work on XP?
  7. Thanks, Pedro. I hadn't realised there were logs. Looking at them, I noticed that MBAE had blocked VB scripting. I discovered the setting in Advanced Settings and turned it off. I then tried the website and sure enough that proved to be the cause. I've been running MBAE on default settings and didn't know about this. I'll revert to the default, as I'm not likely to visit that site again for a while.
  8. I'm using MBAE in Windows 8.1. When I use IE, all versions, to access a site that won't run in IE11, even with Compatibility Mode set, the site won't display properly. All software is up to date. If I stop the MBAE process, I have no problems. How do I get MBAE to work with Compatibility Mode?
  9. I've now done that, thanks. In the meantime I've enabled the self-protection module.
  10. 1. I did that the first time and reinstalled MBAM. Made no difference. 2. You haven't addressed my request to forward the logs by email. 3. Nothing in the FAQ to help with this issue. 4. I'll hold off on the beta until such time as the logs have been examined.
  11. (See previous topic: Run-time Error, two/three days ago.) Once again I'm experiencing this error message (occurred twice overnight): "This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way." When I restarted the program, it reported "Protection Disabled". The malicious website protection is disabled. Prior to restarting the program, I ran the diagnostics as previously directed. However, there's an enormous amount of info about my system that I'd rather not release publicly. Could I forward these logs via email? Thanks.
  12. I've done as suggested and I'll have to wait now to see if the problem recurs.
  13. I attached a Word doc. Maybe I didn't complete the process, but it did say it was attached. I also get another error where it says that Malicious Website Protection has been disabled. I choose Fix Now, but it doesn't. My version is I'll follow your instructions and report back.
  14. I'm repeatedly getting this popup error message (see attachment). I'm running Windows 8.1 x64.
  15. I've visited this site many times and it's always been okay. The owner assures me that it hasn't been compromised.
  16. That sounds authoritative enough to convince me to run them both in real-time. Thanks for the info.
  17. Thanks for the answers. Yes, I want on demand rather than continuous protection, as I'm running MSE and don't wish to remove it to avoid conflicts. What benefits would I gain by moving to Pro from the free version if I uncheck Start protection module with Windows?
  18. Is it possible to use all the features of the Pro version except for real-time protection?
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