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  1. Apologies for disappearing - it's been a bit of a crazy week and I basically just kept MBAM web protection disabled until today. With the 1.0.391 component update, things are much better! I'm able to connect to sites with both MBAM and ESET enabled, and everything seems to be back to normal. Thank you Malwarebytes guys! ?
  2. @Maurice Naggar this behavior is across all 3 browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Edge. @dcollinsThat was actually the FIRST thing I did last night when I started having issues and couldn't even connect to my router -- I disabled ESET's firewall and web filtering modules, but still had the same issue. I've just disabled all of the modules in ESET, which is about as close to disabling the software as you can get without uninstalling it (I think...), enabled MBAM's web protection and still have the same problem. The only thing that resolves the problem is disabling the web protection in MBAM. A co
  3. Hi @Maurice Naggar, I've added the 6 MBAM executables you've listed above to my list of exclusions in ESET and restarted. But when I re-enable the web protection I have the same behavior as before and can't connect to most websites again.
  4. Sure @dcollins, file is attached. Also, it's worth noting that even connections to my wireless/wired router (by IP address) failed when web protection was enabled. Thanks for looking into this! mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. I'm having the same issue as DimDiam, as of last night. I'm unable to access most websites with MBAM (Premium) web protection enabled. It seems like only Google websites and Reddit, and perhaps 1 or 2 others that I tried are accessible. Otherwise, other reputable websites (news, games, discussion boards, etc) all fail to be connected to. I've tested this in Google and Firefox, and end up with the same result: Firefox will time out performing a TLS handshake with HTTPS sites, and Chrome just seems to get an empty response back after a long time. Disabling web protection resolves the problem imm
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