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  1. has anyone else reported problems with Bearshare that you know of.
  2. I use Bearshare that I pay a subscription price for each month to download music. they inform me that they are infection free. the only music that I download is from their site perhaps not users. i don't allow anyone access my files and dont share music with anyone. how would I check if the chinese are getting my login at bearshare?
  3. i have run several programs including norton NIS and there appears to be no infection. is it possible that these chinese addresses are trying to hack my computer
  4. I have for the last few days been seeing blocked ip addresses that are from china. I can not tell if they are false positives but am sending the security breaches to the address listed on whois for the ip addresses that tried to breach me. here is one of the email msg: The following ip address attempted hacking my computer today 14:27:45 STU IP-BLOCK Main Content IP Information for Location: China Beijing Sc-my-sjdf-ltd IP Address: Blacklist Status: Clear inetnum: - netname: SC-MY-SJ
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