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  1. Pretty much what I am asking. It should be an option. I understand that if I download something malicious with utorrent I will get infected, and I have been using it for a long time without any infections. Its just a huge annoyance, because every day I will get a huge log generated with errors. These errors cause multiple writes to an SSD which reduces my performance. If people don't want it because its a security risk, thats fine. I am pretty good with computers, so I know whats safe and whats not, but it SHOULD be an option to allow programs to safely download without getting automatically
  2. Heres my suggestion, I recently purchased the full version of MalwareBytes. The software works great except since I leave utorrent on all the time malwarebytes thinks I am downloading spyware and blocks the IP. I have no problem with this, except that I have an SSD and it gets cluttered with these useless logs of how many IPs it blocks. I cannot set these IPs to ignore since there are a good deal of them. Here is a section of one of the logs. I would suggest a way so that any program added to MalwareBytes ignore list, does not get scanned for traffic and stuff blocked. I like the security, bu
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