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  1. Well i know how to do it without it but it would be good if malwarebytes had one And i also have to say Malwarebytes is the best Anti-Malware product!
  2. I Recently helped a friend remove a couple of malwares from his computer(with malwarebytes) but there where still one problem left the malwares had blocked Facebook, by using the HOSTS File in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts.fil and this is very hard for a normal user to fix (There is probably not many people that knows about the file). To Restore this file(unblock the websites) you have to delete the HOSTS file and then make a new one. I was thinking that malwarebytes could make a tool or something that restores it. I hope you understood what i was trying to say. I also hope this information was useful
  3. Hello, iam interested in learning more about Computer security like malwares, hacking ,DOS hacks etc. Does anyone have any good tip how i can learn this, this may not be the right subject for this forum but i thought malwarebytes forum would be the best. Ive ordered a book called "hacking for dummies" but i was wondering if someone else know any good book or something
  4. Ok, well it is still really good overall and it is devloped in VB thats nice! really nice I Wish Malwarebytes Best Luck
  5. Hello, i got a question about malwarebytes. Is it really developed in Visual basic .Net beacuse im trying to make my own antivirus program in visual C# (it is my little project ) and many people says it is almost impossinle to make a good antivirus in C# and if Malwarebytes is developed in VB and it is great Antivirus shouldnt it be able to make a Great antivirus in C# to? You can easily Make a Md5 scanner in C# and VB but is it actually possible to make heuristics in VB or C# if it now is developed in VB. This was a little but more questions then 1 but i just asked them if malwarebytes was developed in VB .Net and in that case Thats AWSOME!
  6. Hello, I got some questions about RegistryKeys. Ive heard that Malwares often uses RegistryKeys and that they are hard to remove and see. The first one is What is a Registry Key? 2. Can i find the REgistryKeys in a Folder? 3. How do RegistryKeys Work and how can malwares use them? 4 if i know the malwares name can i find the registry key then? 5. how do i know wich RegistryKey Belongs to The malware? i hope you can answear my questions
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