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  1. Thank you for the information. The issue is fixed.
  2. Thank you in advance for looking into this for me. I recently ran a scan of a USB drive used as a backup drive and it detected two files as MachineLearning/Anomolous.100% malware. I don't recall exactly what the Project32.skl file was used for since it has been so long but it was in a folder associated with a Macromedia Director project (old Adobe Product) created long ago. I'd just like to know if these files are truly cause for concern. Log: willo_log.txt Files: willo_files.zip
  3. Hello, During my last scan Malwarebyes flagged C:\Program Files\D-Link\D-ViewCam\lock.dll as a potential threat. I believe the file was installed with the D-ViewCam software and the file has been on my computer since about 2010. I also ran the file through the latest version of Norton Internet Security, AVG Free, and Avast Free and none flagged it as a risk. Please review and advise. Thanks! Malwarebytes Anti-Malware file.zip
  4. Thanks for the quick response and resolution. Best regards, Willo
  5. Hi Rich, I uploaded the file to YouSENDit. It will be available until April 30th. Thanks for looking into it. https://www.yousendit.com/download/VnBxTG01MGtEbUpjR0E9PQ Willo
  6. cpe_scan_destination_update_hpu_001_003[1].exe appears to be part of an automatic update for my HP printer/scanner. It would have come from the "HP Update" program if it is. The file has been on my system for over a year and was only recently detected as a Trojan. If you visit HP's website you can see that there is a similar file out there that can be manually downloaded. The names and sizes are however a little different. This system is relatively clean (not much use before imaged a year ago, recently re-imaged) which is why I think it's a false positive. If I look at the properties the description says "HP Webpack" which is similar to other HP updates I've received. I was unable to upload the file because it is too large (~21MB). The log is attached. Thanks, Willo mbam-log-2011-04-22 (17-36-18).txt
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