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  1. sec secured-login.net I believe this domain is associated with KnowBe4 phishing educational tools.
  2. Apologies. Appeared as if Chrome was the culprit. URLs are below in case.... http://https.secure-links.bloemlight.com/login http://secure-mail.web.magnetonics.com/login
  3. We use a phishing program here at work to phish and educate users called KnowBe4. Some of the companies URLs are blocked by MBAM which renders the phishing tests useless. https://support.knowbe4.com/hc/en-us/articles/203645138-Whitelist-Data-And-Anti-Spam-Filtering-Information I will repost with a few exact examples shortly, but know there are many.
  4. MBAE might not be broken (any more) but the cloud console is not production ready. We have a meeting at 2pm with our account rep to talk about features we need to see in production antimalware. A few are as follows MFA Endpoint Rename Custom URL Blacklist View active user Endpoint Isolation Can't Copy File Paths Can't whitelist by policy Viewing reports past 30 days MBAM Cloud Admin Log Business Support Forum / Portal Poor VPN Performance Install Errors Easily Select Multiple Entries No Filter in Detections Poor Performance in RDS Environment Clients show as offline Console Periodic Sluggishness Client is installed but not showing in console .NET False Positives Cscript False Positives Automated Tasks Apply Tags Restrict App Execution Can't view past detection statistics Limited Deployment Methods Non Existent User Management User Management based on Policy Set Data Retention to 180 days Fix Breach Remediation Shortcut to generate install pckgs on dashboard Generate install packages based on policy Cant Sort by Group/Policy or OS in endpoints menu Failed Scans do not give detailed explanation
  5. We have 80 days left on our MBAM Cloud licensing, and for the first time since I began using MBAM (I was an early enterprise adopter) we will likely not be renewing. MBAM Cloud feels extremely half baked, and the lack of options and features makes managing mbam cloud a nightmare right now. For example I can not even rename and endpoint in the cloud console or execute a scan from the Endpoint overview page. With that said, our primary issue is the lack of Enterprise support options (forum coming soon?) and the bugs that have been introduced to MBAM Cloud that never existed in MBAM EE or previous versions before that. Right now for example, any users that connects to our Split Tunnel L2TP VPN has to have MBAMs Web protection module disabled, or else IE/Chrome grind to a halt. Disabling the web protection module instantly resolves the issue. We also can not add custom URLs or IPs to the blocked website lists, so as we get phishing attempts into our various enterprise mailboxes I am forced to create a forum entry and pray its adopted quickly - or blacklist it to our 8 firewalls and pray I beat users to the punch. A loyal but extremely disappointed and let down customer since Day 1, Mike
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