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  1. Dear Friend, This is beyond my level but I thought that I might ask. This morning, first thing, I updated Adobe Flashplayer (after receiving a note that it was ending in December and a suggestion that I uninstall the program). Almost immediately, I have started to receive a message that Malwarebytes is blocking FlexNet Publisher's FNPLicensingService64.exe from accessing as a possible Trojan. OK. Then this message of a blockage repeats every 2 minutes. There is not much on the web about this, although an older reference in the Revenera FNP website indicates that
  2. Dear friend, Please excuse me for my novice status here. I wonder if it is possible to double-check a Malwarebytes indication that a website contains a Trojan? I tried to visit a well-established amateur flight simulation site this morning: airhispania.com (IP: [50953]). And got a Malwarebytes dire warning of a Trojan. This site has been around for longer than eight years and is modestly popular for flight training and simulator files storage. According to Virus Total (as of 2019-07-26 13:05:09 UTC), this site passed 71 tests and failed one. (The 70 passes included "Malw
  3. Hi Porthos, A tip of my cap. "Awsome. You're Protected." Now I'm curious. What do you think is happening? (Would this solution work for others?) And a personal note of thanks for your voluntary efforts! And for your solution. (Knock on wood. Fingers crossed.) Much appreciated, Mike
  4. And (just to anticipate without knowing much about this), I have done the ESET / Malwarebytes mutual exclusions -- and these did not seem to do the trick. Thanks, Mike
  5. Thanks, Porthos. You are a gem. Here is the log text file... I'd surely appreciate any help possible. mb-check-results.txt
  6. As with so many others, my newly updated ( (update package version 1.0.3275) has the web protection set as off. Repeated attempts to rest fail. This must be an annoying thing to you all to find so many people with this same failure. Gosh. Mike MacKuen
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