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  1. My biggest hero right here.

  2. dan you rock! I see your youtube vid liek evelyday. :P

    1. Lester_545


      *like *everyday

  3. Yes. Using Firefox with the Adblock Plus add on will eliminate virtually all ads from your browsing experience, including video ads that play before YouTube videos and ads that pop up during videos. If an applet on a website is bothering you but isn't an ad (like some box playing sounds or something that you can't mute), you can hover your mouse over it and Adblock Plus will give you the option to block it. It's a very handy tool to have, and I'd recommend you give it a try.
  4. Why is everything wat???

  5. Comprev tells it like it is.
  6. Did you seriously just bump a one year old thread?
  7. Maybe you don't have permission to view the attachment.
  8. I enjoy collecting operating systems, currently collecting a bunch of the boxed Windows and MS-DOS systems, and have most of them (and some of them are still shrink wrapped, which I find pretty cool). I also enjoy collecting old technology, hardware, and games in general (I suppose I could scrounge up a picture if I find the time). I suppose this marks my first post on this forum. Glad to be here, everyone!
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