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  1. Thanks, I do have servers running XenApp, what can be done to protect those servers?
  2. I have recently deployed MB endpoint protection to some of my clients. I saw the email regarding the servers unsupported by endpoint protection concerning real time protection. Is there anything special required or suggested for setting up the client on Server 2008r2 with Exchange 2010, server 2012r2 with Exchange 2016, Server 2008r2 and 2012r2 file servers and\or domain controllers? I've scanned the admin guide but didn't see anything regarding this. Thank you!
  3. I have a machine infected with XP Total Security 2011. It is completly disabling and will not allow anything to run and I do mean ANYTHING even in safe mode. When trying to run a program or display properties the only response is the XP Total Security 2011 scanner appears. I removed the hard drive and scanned it with a computer with registered and updated MalwareBytes which found nothing. I then Scanned with 4 different AV programs including the very latest from Symantec. No infections of any kind were found. I did find information to manually remove this infection however it was imcomplete or inaccurate and the infection returned within 2 minutes. I need to return this machine to the client so I imaged another drive with a clean OS and will configure it once on site. I labeled the infected drive and set it aside. Typically I would transfer user information from the old drive to aid in restoring the user profile however as this infection is so far undetectable I can't chance infecting the new hard drive. Worst thing is there is no way to protect it from being reinfected by the user or tell if the infection is on their network already.
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