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  1. This is a nightmare. So far, I've lost hundreds of dollars in billable time. A Windows 7 computer lost activation as a result, which became an additional problem to fix. Another client we had to uninstall MalwareBytes just to get the computer to boot without freezing. Then we downloaded and reinstalled MalwareBytes and the customer lost their lifetime license. Its gone. So I paid for a new annual license for that customer. I'm losing time, I'm losing money and I'm spending money to regain customer confidence in the services I offer. This is a bigger mess then MalwareBytes seems to recognize and MalwareBytes is expecting all of us who recommended their products to work for them for free fixing it. Yes, the product is good. But the reaction from MalwareBytes is severely lacking. Why are we working for you for free? And how do we recover our reputations from our customers who trusted our recommendations? And how do we explain to other unrelated customers why we are taking so long to help them because we are dealing with an unrelated issue on a massive scale with previous customers that we were not expecting? I'm trying to mitigate the damage to my business, trying to salvage my reputation and trying to give people reasons why they shouldn't take their business somewhere else. Here is a quote from an audience member of one of my presentations "You recommended a product to us in your presentation. I've purchased it based on your recommendation. Now my computer doesn't work and you want to charge me to fix it? What kind of scam is this?" So, what choice do I have but to fix it for free, and have my paying customers with appointments wait? And what about my business clients who were working Saturday who lost all the work they were doing when their computers froze unexpectedly and had to reset the machine? And what about my other business clients who came to work Monday morning to discover all the computers were frozen and no employees could work until I fixed each machine. This had to be done on-site, since remote access is not possible on a frozen machine. Even after reboots, the computers were sluggish at first and then froze again. Thank you, Marcin.
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