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  1. Ok, I've done all that, thanks Treed. FYI, the only apps I have installed in the last few day were Remember The Milk and DiskCatalogmaker. That last one I had my doubts about - it installed the app into the applications folder but nothing appeared in launch pad. It also works at quite a low level presumably to be able to catalogue hard drives. I didn't catalogue my main hard drive with it, just a few external drives I keep my film making archives on. If it didn't come in through those, what other way could it have got onto my system? Thanks for your help.
  2. Treed wrote: "Just a note... this would not be any kind of "automatic download." It would be something the user was tricked into downloading and installing, such as a fake Adobe Flash Player installer (which is still one of the most common scams used)." I did not download or install anything for days. Then when I turned on my computer this morning, MixBuilder self-installed. I still have MixBuilder.app in my trash if you can tell me how to get it to you (in non-techie language please). It won't drag to your attachment target window.
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