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  1. Hello, I have some software files that have been sitting on my storage drive since 2007. I have scanned these same files with MBAM multiple times in the past with no alarms, but now one of the files gets flagged as Malware.Packer.Krunchy. When I pull up the vendor info, it says that Malware.Packer.Krunchy was first spotted on 2009-09-02. Since I have had this file since 2007, is this a false positive? Thanks, TP
  2. I really don't know. He generally buys pre-built PC's from Office Depot or some such store...where ever he can find one cheap when the time comes. I don't know if MS Office came pre-loaded or if he installed it himself. That's what I figgured as well. I was just wondering if it had been seen by anyone else to confirm. He's pretty savvy on his PC's, but I'll mention this to him in case he hasn't tried it yet. Thanks for the suggestion. Thanks, TP
  3. Hello, After the great results I had with MBAM and Vundo, I told my best friend about it. He installed the software on several machines. Some are XP, some are Vista, and they have various different versions of Microsoft Office installed. He said MBAM found and cleaned things on each PC, however, he says that after using MBAM, the spell check in MS Word stopped working on them all. Has anyone seen this before? I searched the forums for "spell check" but didn't find anything. Could this be a bug? Or is there a virus/trojan that replaces something in Word, and after cleaning - Word is broken? I run XP with Office XP, and it didn't happen to my machine when it cleaned out Vundo. Thanks, TP
  4. I just installed your software today (early in the AM), and I was getting the same LG installusb64.exe file flagged as a trojan under database 1609 and then 1610. I am now on 1615 and it no longer gets flagged. Thanks, TP
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