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  1. I'm not asking for the nag to be removed. Never even said that. What I am suggesting is that the user be given an option during install as far as wanting the trial. I'm also suggesting that you *lower* the number of nags. (as the title says) Advertising your product is one thing. having to dismiss the same nagging window 2-3 times a day, as opposed to once a day is excessive. I moved away from Avast Antivirus for that very reason... popup ads, and nags 5+ times a day every single day. My current antivirus advertises their paid versions inside their GUI, but do not popup ads for it. The ads at the bottom of MWB3 are perfectly fine, and i can ignore those. Before I installed MWB3 a couple weeks ago, I didn't get popups, or constant nags from any software, unless it needed to be updated. The only real exception to this is an app that shows a nag on startup, but I only see that once every reboot... which can be up to a month. Almost all my free software has advertisements in it's GUI for it's paid version. i can deal with that, but popups, and nags that repeat multiple times a day? Just evil. I love MWB, but out of 5 stars, it gets a 3 for that annoyance, and the fact that there is no *obvious* way to disable the trial, which causes the nags to being with.
  2. Actually, I just checked my Security Center, and looks like that issue was resolved in a previous update of the app, so please disregard. I've used MWB many many times over the years, but it has admittedly been months since I've had it installed. I usually only install it when I think my system needs cleaning, followed by an uninstall, usually because of the trial nags, rinse & repeat. This time I dealt with the nags, and no longer see the security issue I saw on last install, which was a warning in the security center about multiple AV being installed. I use Comodo Internet Security (free version). It's what I've used for several years now.
  3. i do have another bit of feedback as well. Since windows 10 sees this as an antivirus, when it's registered with security center, it might be wise to not register it, or to register it in a different way, because with this installed, alongside my normal antivirus, Windows complains about having 2 antivirus applications installed, and running together. Don't want to worry/scare people unnecessarily.
  4. Thank you. This was the kind of reply I was initially expecting on a feedback forum, instead of the one I got first.
  5. No offense, but this doesn't resolve the problem. Make it more obvious, or add an option to reject it during setup. It's not, and there isn't. Users have to scour through settings to find it, or do a search on the internet. I didn't even know you COULD manually deactivate the trial manually, until I saw your reply.
  6. I installed MWB3 a couple of weeks ago (trial ended today), and I was made aware of the trial early on, but since I have quality Antivirus, I disabled all real time scanners to keep them from interfering. In the last week or so, I've gotten popups from MWB3 multiple times in a day (up to 2-3 or more) telling me that my trial is going to expire. I get having the trial. I get having upgrade/activate buttons in the app, but annoying with expiration/upgrade nags multiple times in a day via popup? Isn't that a little excessive? Maybe add an option on those popups like "Don't remind me again." for those who have no intentions of getting the upgrade. Just from those annoying, and repeated popups alone, I nearly uninstalled MWB3.
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