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  1. I think this is what you are looking for in the link, if I did it wrong please let me know. MBAE.zip
  2. I downloaded the update for the security exploit that was patched and it won't allow the browser to open.
  3. My friend showed me this picture and shes a bit worried. She just wants to be sure its an FP since we did check and BOTH are enabled. Everything on the security center is set to enabled.
  4. Tried it out on my laptop got the 2 logs and we will do the same with her laptop soon.
  5. What does the second part do? My friend is a bit scared to try it out?
  6. http://i173.photobucket.com/albums/w55/Postalfan87/malwarebytes11.jpg
  7. My friend was scanning her laptop when Malwarebytes found a trojan in her temp files. She removed it and didn't close the browser or run any file clean up programs before hitting remove on malwarebytes. She went to check the quarintine folder and it was empty. We are not sure of how it was not placed there when in the removal process it said it was. Attached is a screenshot of said infection.
  8. I am the only user of the computer, I hit remove after the scan, it said removing/quarantining and after that I went to check in the quarantine section and it wasn't in it.
  9. Here is a picture of the quarantine folder. NO we did NOT delete it, it was NEVER put in there. 0_o
  10. After I put a check next to the threat that was detected, I clicked on remove and it said it has been moved to quarantine and has been deleted successfully. I went to check on it and there was nothing on the quarintine folder, Is there any way it can stay in quarantine and not have the file(s) deleted? I do not want to delete ANY files if there is any FP's.
  11. Ok ironicly the picture hasn't shown up as well after I put it in let me try again.
  12. Here is a picture of the log. As you can see it SAYS quarantined but NOTHING is there.
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